This week's 7am ride report is entitled "Any sport except cycling....!!!"

I arrived at the Cricket Club with the skies just starting to lighten. We still aren't pitch black at 7am yet! Already waiting were Brendan Cunnane and Andy Singleto, and we were quickly joined by Martin Bowdler and Tim Bilby!

Brendan Cunnane always warns me not to mention the rugby score's from the previous day, if he hasn't had chance to catch the highlights, so conversation was curtailed somewhat to start with. To be fair, it was also hampered because we got split by traffic as soon as we exited Alderson Drive. Brendan Cunnane and myself were left playing catchup for the first couple of miles, and it wasn't until the Bircotes double mini roundabout that we were all back together.

More traffic slowed us down as we crossed the Bawtry Road to Serlby. "There might be a Golf tournament teeing off at 7.30pm" suggested Andy Singleton. Who knows, but we dont normally get so many cars at this time on a Sunday. 

"Shall we talk F1?" I enquired, wondering if Brendan had seen Lewis Hamilton crash out in qualifying yesterday... "Oh no, cant stand that racket!" he said. I think he was referring to the costs, rather than the noise!!!

"Let's talk about the Cricket, instead" said Brendan Cunnane as we went past Serlby Park golf club. Although we both agreed that the prospects for England down under didnt really merit great discourse!!!

Before setting off, the talk at the Cricket Club had briefly mentioned the weather, which was less frosty that anticipated largly due to the wind. Luckily, we hadn't really noticed the wind at this point. The only thing that was blowing as we came out the other side of Mattersey was me!!!

I was pleasantly surprised that I'd managed to hold onto these speedsters this far, but I suspect that was more to do with the pace that was being set than my ability to hold on. As the first bump towards Sutton ramped up, yours truly went backwards...

"See you later" I shouted, as the B group that I'd predicted in my post last night formed. The B group consisted of one rider. I think the B stands for Billy - no mates!!!