Ride report for the 7th of May 2017 9am ride

Riders setting off from Tickhill HQ: Andy Walker, Rob Drohan, Karl Davies, Steve Greig, Martin Graves, Lawrence Buckley, Mark Badger, Hayley Squires, Adrian Shores, Mick Lee, Peter Down, Jenny Down, Mick Abbiss, Sally Moore, Malcolm Betts.

The plan was to ride from Tickhill cricket club to the café at the Sherwood Forest visitors centre, Edwinstowe following the normal 7am ride route so there was less chance of getting misplaced, then returning to Tickhill via Worksop and the high-speed run for home on the A60.

Within the group there was a split between riders who were wearing shorts and ones wearing tights, there was also some riders who wished they had been in tights. Since we were on our way to the Major Oak, talk of men in tights was very appropriate. 

The weather was cool but at times during the ride tried to warm up but with the constant head wind which ever direction we travelled there was lots of people shamelessly drafting. 

We stayed as a group for the majority of the ride, with some riders going ahead nearer the café to order hot food. As Martin Bagshaw was not there and I was the temporary ride leader, it was my duty to sample the scones, which happened to be a bit dry, so Martin you didn’t miss anything special.

The conversation over the tea/coffee turned to Mick’s bespoke Tickhill Velo ride pack (cycle purse). If you require a black and magenta ride pack (rather than pink/magenta) I’m sure Mick is happy to paint them for a small fee. We also had a bit of bird watching and Steve showed of his ornithological skills, they’re all just birds to me but we were assured there was a nut hatch and other exotic feathered friends.

After we left the café we could start to see shadows on the road so the sun did make an attempt to warm us up, thank goodness for the head wind (yet again) to keep us cool. As we neared Velo HQ people started to drift off toward their own home and several vanished off into the distance only to be seen again back at Tickhill Cricket Club.

Ride report by Peter Down (temporary ride leader).