Riders there were a plenty: Matthew Lowe (ride leader) 19 or so others including 2 new riders.

The car park seemingly full of riders split into 2 groups before leaving the cricket club in bright sunny weather and with the promise of higher temperatures to boot. It looked a lot like a mixture of 9 and 9.30 riders but newbies were generally the strange faces not late 9 o'clockers.

It was a surprise that we set off on roughly the direction of the café - we don't do that, we usually set off t’other way to both demonstrate the supreme skill of ride leaders and to get a few more miles in!

The two groups headed east along Sunderland Street and turned right towards Hayworth, skirting the village and taking a left at the industrial estate to wend our way through Serlby. A quick right and a left saw us heading for Ranskill and Mattersey. The going seemed smooth and the two groups were quite a distance apart. Incident free and we pedalled along towards the old Griff Inn and turned right. By this time in a ride certain parts of my body are shouting or screaming “what do you think you’re doing, act your age and slow down” but deafness was prevailing and we fair sailed along the lovely road over the hump back bridge and took a left near the church in Clayworth heading towards Gringley. Ok so it's uphill a bit and we either slowed a tad or George (no second name!) either thought we were generally slow or more likely decide to demonstrate hill climbing. Any way to the tune of “I can't go this slow” he stretched out and politely waited for us at the dual carriage way. Once the first group more or less joined and made it to the hill top we waited for group 2 to catch up. The mathematicians were with us and one suddenly found there were more of us than could be counted on the digits of two hands - Kieran had somehow caught us up!

So we waited and a very short while later group 2 arrived. Oh and with greetings flowing both ways a foreign club ride arrived. Dinnington I think!

A roller coaster ride down the hill towards Misterton gave a hint that so far the wind was behind us, not strong but likely to be noticed once we turned for home. Not to worry we hadn't had coffee yet the wind could die down.

At the corner of Tindale bank road where we turned left Matt Lowe and One other (?) waited for the second group to catch up but sent us ahead along the long straight with instructions to wait at the crossroads. We regrouped at the crossroads and headed along Idle Bank before turning again towards Wroot and coffee. No sign of the wind (or was it breeze) changing even slightly but the café still got nearer slowly!

We arrived more or less together and tucked into drinks and cakes, or sausage sandwiches for some. Behind me in the queue were people I hadn't seen on the ride but they were in TVC attire ( well one or two were) the ladies had their own agenda and it was coincidence (and the thought of puppies) which brought them to TIA. Leslie, Mary, and another and a bloke left just before we gathered for the group photo so we had to rope in a second Mary to do the honours (don't get excited people she is spoken for).

The ride back seemed hectic with a regrouping to say goodbye to Diana Simpson as she was practically home at the turning left onto Bank End Road and then the long linked stretches of road into Misson. The ride back to Bawtry and Tickhill seemed hard work but very enjoyable despite the regret that we were spread out again.

I look forward to any kind of weather and good company for the next Sundays ride, when I will have paper and a pen to record visitors - always assuming there are no other volunteers (or victims). So if you desperately wanted a mention please accept my sincere hope that you will come again to get that mention!