Today’s riders were; Noreen Dunnett; David Orridge; Helen Hand; Pete Hanks; Matthew Lowe; Mick Lee; Martin Crapper; Nick Kay and Paul Bacon.

Several notes had been received for being poorly, on holiday or returning from Scarborough (chapeau Diana), so there were only nine eager individuals at the Cricket Club for the 9:30 start.  I couldn’t find the eager individuals so those listed above had to do.  The initial idea of one group was thwarted by trying to divide nine riders into two groups of five (you had to be there).  It was going to be a ride of two halves; the shorted half being the first bit, into the wind.

We set off as one group, heading out on the A630 and turning up Thornbury Hill Lane.  Watching our step on this ‘road’ (holes interspersed with bits of tarmac) we were split by the traffic on the A634 but continued on our way up New Road to Firbeck. Normal riding status was soon maintained – ride leader riding with the back marker.  A quick stop at the top of Kidd Lane to ‘phone ahead and ooops..... they’ve gone, so those of us still at the junction followed.   We regrouped as we approached the crossroads in Gildingwells and continued through Woodsetts.

Heading out of Woodsetts Noreen took it upon herself to maintain some sort of incident [in the absence of the usual culprit(s)!] and tapped David’s rear wheel.  She landed on a wide, sandy verge.  David being the gentleman wiped the dust off Noreen’s face and Noreen bravely continued despite finding out later that she had sprained her wrist and bruised her knee.  (Evidence of the wrist is clear to see on the Tickhill Velo facebook page).

We traversed Gateford Road and the A57 but had to dismount/negotiate the pavement as a large amount of soil and debris had been dumped on the road.  A lady walking her dog explained they were having the same difficulties as the cricket club in Tickhill.

We continued through Shireoaks and onto the A619 to Arrow Cafe.  I haven’t really mentioned the wind and showers.  Well it was windy and some folks put their waterproofs on.  However, on the way home the sun shone and it really was quite pleasant.

The cafe had arranged a table for us so, we were able to sit down and peruse the menu.  Bacon sandwiches; scones; beans on toast and Bike Soup.  No, not on the menu but a hot topic of conversation as Helen had managed to purchase not one, but two bikes (I think that’s right, tell me if its’ not Helen).  Worth a look if you’re looking for a bike.

We left, fed and watered and headed for Kiveton Park (one way or another) and South Anston.  Now I don’t normally do requests but David asked if we could do Mill Lane rather than the main road.  Happy to oblige and we made our way up Back Lane and through Dinnington.  It was a straight forward ride back up Penny Hill and through Firbeck.

For some strange reason we became strung out on return on the A60 causing a little consternation to some drivers (apologies ..... will try harder next time.)  However, balance was restored as we came back into the village via Lindrick Lane.  A car reversing out of a drive saw us and rather than waiting for us to pass reversed onto the road directly in front of us.  Thankfully at this point we were still a little strung out and amid the shouts of ‘braking’ and ‘slowing’ we managed to stay upright.

Nine left, nine returned and it was the same nine.