Riders;  Diana Simpson; Mick Lee; Martin Crapper; Matthew Lowe; Andrew Rex; Robert Stevenson; Alex Stevenson; Nicholas Kay; Pete Hanks; Ollie (BFG Haych) Hartmann; Clair Scammell; Nick Smark; Stephen Greig; Darren O’Connor and Paul Bacon.

A cloudy Father’s Day and what a present from (welcome on your first TVC ride) Alex for her dad... coming out on a ride with him.  Also welcome to Clair on her second ride with the club.

9:30 arrived, 15 riders, quick briefing and we were on our way.  Two groups setting out on a flat/flattish/slightly undulating ride (delete as appropriate).  The less hilly route was the preferred option so we made our way to Firbeck and the first group stopped after negotiating the right turn on Lamb Lane for a comfort break/’phone the cafe/wait for the second group (delete as appropriate).  As the second group came into view we set off, meandering through Letwell, Gildingwells and Woodsetts.  (A quick check of rider’s Strava routes will reveal that Mr Lowe’s group took an alternative route!)  The Woodsetts Road was not as busy this morning and after an uneventful few minutes we were at the roundabout ready for a new route to Shireoaks.

We waited for the second group and negotiated Gateford Toll Bar, the linking path, across the A57 and down the (dry... no matter what Pete said) track to Shireoaks.  A slight breeze didn’t help along Spring Lane; Steetley Lane or the grind up the A619... as it was blowing in our faces.

Once Worksop Road rise had been negotiated it was all downhill, through Whitwell, down Station Road to the A60.  It was then only a quick dash to the cafe.

We had only just started our beverages when the second group arrived and (as you will see) we enjoyed a variety of drinks and snacks (nb not all snacks are the same).

A quick pic (or 6), a re-group and we were on our way.  The first group set off and we (we now being the second group) organised ourselves ready for the ride home.  Matt showed a preference for the quieter roads, so, having sent the first group up the A60 we meandered our way back through Whitwell and Rhodesia.  A quiet ride through Worksop lead us onto Blyth Road.  We were a little split coming out of Worksop but, true to form, those in front waited but as we, the latter three, rode past, they couldn’t get out due to a long line of cars.  The next thing we knew was the grey flash, aka Ollie, zooming past us just before Redbridge.

We regrouped in Blyth and as Blyth Road is closed we made our way to the path which leads to Harworth Avenue.  Clair thought this was the time to shine and showed us her moving dismount onto a grass verge.  No harm done to rider or bike so, in order to emphasise how safe this is she thought a second demonstration was needed.  Once again no harm done to rider or bike and we all made it to the road.  Alex and Robert left us in Harworth and the remaining five made it all the way home.

Thanks Matt for help and navigation and Pete for the additional pics.  Thanks to everyone for making it yet another super TVC ride.