Today’s riders were; Mick Lee; Diana Simpson; Christina Cooper; Robert Stevenson; Andrew Rex; Rob Drohan; Helen Hand; Matthew Lowe; Pete Hanks; Kerry Wilcockson; Kieran James; Hilary Thompson; Noreen Dunnett; David Orridge; Clair Scammell and Paul Bacon.

By nine fifteen we were filling a couple of tables and offering a warm welcome to Kerry; his first ride with the club.  By nine twenty we had decided that the discussion around the tables was so interesting we perhaps shouldn’t go for a ride after all.  It would seem that rider A’s male partner and rider B’s female partner were both riding with the nine o’clockers (all who hadn’t met before may I add).  I won’t go into detail but suffice to say it was a conversation I had never heard before the start of a club ride before.  However, we did manage to get ourselves organised into two groups and we set off for what was supposed to be cafe unknown but I think everyone knew.

The plan was to stay within sight of each other as part of the route was through Bessacarr with many left and right turns.  It worked.  Yes my friends, read it again... it worked.

We rode to Bawtry to Austerfield and onto Misson.  It was another glorious morning and at a steady pace conversation could be heard going on as we made our way to Sanderson’s Bank.  Even here we almost within shouting distance... but not quite.  We stopped short of the junction to see the second group pulled off the road.  An emissary (careful choice of word Rob!) was sent over to report on a mechanical, so we chatted some more.  It didn’t take long to sort and we were on our way to Blaxton.

The run through Auckley and Branton saw us riding along busier roads but there were no incidents (verbal or otherwise) to report. There were a couple of roundabouts trying to break up the formation but we were together as we broke off the main road down Whin Hill Road.  Here we marvelled at the local dwellings – quite a sight.

This was followed by a traverse across the A638 and then it was back into the quiet of Boswell Road and Stoops Lane.  Burnham Close took us to the red cycle route.  One dismount was required but the smooth surface was a delight and no traffic even better.  Exiting the red route on Carolina Way we used the shared cycle path and made our way over the railway lines to Mallard Way and the cafe at Potteric Carr.

Inside/outside?  Some came outside and went in.  No one stayed inside and came out – it was hot outside but the view was terrific!  A selection of refreshments were enjoyed (not sure of Mick’s heritage as he seemed very averse to the garlic in Rob’s mushrooms) and after a hiccup with the volunteer photographer, several pictures were taken. 

The return ride took us along the cycle path to Woodfield Way and despite one driver’s attempt to skittle a few of us we made it the short distance on the A60 to Alverley Lane.  We stopped whilst a wayward water bottle was retrieved and made our way along Springwell Lane.  A right onto Tofield Road and up the rise which leads to Wadworth.  After a quick breather we continued through Wadworth and onto Wilsic Lane.  A quick heads up on potholes and tall grass saw us return to Tickhill in single file. 

Back at the cricket club the matches were still in full swing so cold drinks and the offer of some homemade energy bar was too much for some.  Both, I can say with some authority, were most welcome.

It was a super morning’s riding with great company.  Many thanks to all who came to share it.