Riders; Pete Hanks, Paul Rhodes; Kieran James, Robert Stevenson; Diana Simpson; Kevin Thomas; Ellie Thomas; Hilary Thompson; Christina Cooper; Tina Musgrove; Matthew Lowe and Paul Bacon.

It was an interesting start to the morning.  We were asked to meet at the Buttercross as there was an event on at the cricket club.  Being in need of the facilities a couple of riders left the cricket club at 9.25 a bit flummoxed as there was only one car there!  Then, arriving at the Buttercross more flummoxing was on the cards as the 9 o’ clock group hadn’t left (technical issues we understand). 

Well, there were new faces, old faces, new faces that looked like old faces, old faces that looked like new faces... you get the idea.  We congregated and set off, leaving behind the assembled throng of 9 o’ clockers.  The usual route to Firbeck started our journey and we soon had more magenta in our mirrors (those of us who have mirrors anyways).  The other group caught us up at the end of Thornbury Hill Lane.  We sort of rode together up the main road and down into Firbeck.  They took the left up Kid Lane and we continued up New Road albeit briefly as the hedge cutting on Thornbury Hill Lane left Pete with a Thorn Bury(ed) in his front tyre.  Kieran, Kevin and I stayed with him mostly for moral support and before we knew it we were on our way.  It was a lovely surprise to see the rest of the group waiting round the next bend as we then didn’t have to race up East Field Lane.  As no one could see us, Ellie and I were tempted to pop into Leger Lakes but no, we pressed on.

Through Laughton and Thurcroft, next we came upon Brookhouse.  Careful study of Strava will see that some of the group opted for Bib Lane while others went through Slade Hooton (practising the long ascents).  I believe that careful study will reveal that there was one instance of a rider doing both.  Nice work that.  Going through Carr Pete checked that we’d put his car keys in his bag.  Good job we had, it was a fair ride back to Firbeck!

Bramley, Micklebring and Braithwell.  A little later than expected but we all arrived, safe and sound.  Chat, cakes, coffee.  Very pleasant until a wasp tried to muscle in on our cake.  There were, I feel it safe to say, mixed reactions to the insect, ranging from ‘Don’t panic’ to jumping around with flailing arms.  It was finally dealt with, unceremoniously, with a cycling shoe and that’s not easy having watched the event unfold over a matter of minutes.

Our ride back was in the form of a loop up through Edlington, Alverley, Wadworth and home to Tickhill.  On the way some riders departed for home and the remaining few said their goodbyes outside SJ Grooming.

It was great to see Steven for the first time.  Trust you enjoyed yourself and it would be great to see you again.  Thanks Matt for another super ride and thanks to all for the company and comradeship.