9am ride to Nona’s via Ulley

Riders - Jenny, Pete, Ash, Nigel, Trev, Andy, Steve, Andy (S), Lawrence, Mick, Hayley, Mark, Adrian, John, Owen, Gareth, Andy (B)

Riders gathered as usual at 9am and set off just after with Pete leading and Mick back marking. There was in impromptu change of route, as the road through Firbeck had been ‘redressed’, so we stuck to the main road through Oldcoats and turned right towards Throapham, unfortunately due to a bad back Andy (B) had to turn back.

The TVC posse then made their way through Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Laughton Common and towards Ulley at a cracking pace. At Ulley Gareth bid us a good ride and headed home. From Ulley it was a quick descent and through Aughton, across the A57 and up a short sharp incline to Wales. Riders then spilt on the rapid descent past Rother Valley into Killamarsh, then up another steep section to Highmoor. After stopping to regroup, we descended down Hut Lane and across Spinkhill Bumps before another downhill section to Renishaw, Ash even found a bad bit of road to loosen a couple of rear spokes. Sadly all that downhill means one thing - uphill to Staveley. The road was surprisingly easy rolling and not too many shouts about holes were heard. Though Staveley, the TVC massive spit a little as the front riders got their heads down, obviously the smell of coffee, cake and scrambled eggs at Nona’s bekoned.

Nona’s were warned that TVC egg munching massive would be calling for refuelling and they had bulk ordered eggs and there was an impressive assortment of cakes. Ash had issues with the salt and pepper and Hayley made a new doggy friend. There was a bit of faffing with wheels (Ash trying to straighten a small wobble) and John trying to get comfortable on his TT bars before setting off back though Staveley. Then shouts of mechanical stopped us up the road from the café, Steve had a ‘pseudo’ puncture, no comments on Micks remarks at this point, but he did have his characteristic @there’s been a mishap’ grin!

Another uphill slog to Barlborough followed before a nice downhill stretch into Harthill and a swift descent to Shireoaks. 
All safely negotiated the A57 roundabouts then a right turn towards Wigthorpe. Mick, Owen and Jenny had a little 3 up TT to catch the rest of the TVC due to being held up at the last roundabout. Thanks Hayley for yelling to Pete, he is used to being shouted at.
Usual route back to Tickhill with Pete on the front of the main group, then heads down, bums up for a final sprint back to the cricket club.
If you enjoyed the route – Jenny planned it, if you didn’t – Pete planned it!

Chapeau to Lawrence who persevered even though he wasn’t feeling it

Chapeau to Hayley who had a special love/hate relationship with the hills