Riders:- Adrian Shores, David Lee, Jenny Down, Lawrence Buckley, Martin Bagshaw, Martin Crapper, Matthew Lowe, Mick Lee, Paul Bacon, Pete Down


The easy decision to take this morning was “one ride or two?”. That’s the theory anyway, but we set off having made the decision. The other decision was much harder to make - Decorate bedroom and keep wife happy or do report??? sorry guys you lost the pace a bit.


Out through the gates and a quick left took us seeing the back streets of tickhill before Wilsic Lane and the quiet back road through to Wadworth (almost) and finding the day more comfortable than expected. And with a small even group we were fairly compact other than the short section down the muddy slope at the farm. But no matter its all part of the fun. We turned west (left if you are worried) and left again (south!!!). And right for a change along Crookhill Lane. When we turned left along Cockhill Field lane I knew we should wave at Hilary somewhere but not sure where. On  a day like this she was probably enjoying herself in the Dales. 


Well we were enjoying ourselves too and the chatting was as good as radar - no need to look back to see where everybody was. And in anticipation of a good ride we sped along at blue ride pace over the M18 and Lidget Lane into Bramley. We regrouped  at the lights like old folk, waiting for the green light to get us to the central island and then the next green light to get us onto the other side of the dual carriageway. We rode single file on the main road, past the shops and turned left onto Goose Lane. Our newly christened Ride co-ordinator not setting a pedal wrong! Before long we were on Morthen RoadHeading to Thurcroft, Back over the M18 and then right into Brampton Road and then to Brampton itself. According to Strava we were at 401 feet above sea level at Newlyn (regardless of the tide) hence one or two may have thought me a bit breathless! But there were no real hills so far so perhaps Matt was being kind for once!


Winding around the outskirts of Thurcroft took bus to Steadfolds Lane where we turned towards Laughton and the coffee stop. But before that at the edge of Brookhouse we split into two groups for a while, some taking the route up Brookhouse lane the rest (ok including me) took the easier route along Rose Lane and Rotherham lane with the routes rejoining by the church in Laughton-en-le-Morthen.


At the café we managed to find seats in two groups and order drinks and food. Pete had starved himself for weeks prior to the ride so started with 2 enormous cakes of his own and then finished off someone else’s cake. Most probably know that the lemon in cake doesn’t qualify as one of your 5 a day! He didn’t seem to need any extra energy either. We were all just about finished when Paul’s breakfast arrived so we were rested and ready for off by the time he finished.


All went well until we reached Dinnington. By that I mean we could at a pinch find our way to the café or home. Paul analysed the problem “Matt’s regressed he’s taking us round his old paper round route”! We went left right, right, left, straight I think through backstreets and lesser backstreets before turning left (south east ish) along Doe Quarry Lane and left again into Burrs Lane to Letwell. Somewhere along this second part of the ride Matt offered a simple choice “my way” or if you want a longer ride “your way”. Short discussion followed and we chose the former as it was to be more or less directly home.


We took the route left along Ramper Road, right on Lamb Lane and then left down Kidd Lane into Firbeck. I was no longer lost! I think I was being supportive in sticking at the back here whilst a part of the group raced for home. But no one got lost and we were more or less together again by the time we reached the cricket club. Roughly mid day! An early shower. I was going to get to the pub (for food) in time. a brilliant day/morning altogether. Thanks everybody.


See you next week hopefully.