The forecast of high winds, rain, and for some a cycling course away from home, kept many at home in n bed. Despite this the cricket club car park was packed with Lycra clad enthusiasts. Most admittedly there for a 4 mile outing with the running club. But down to business:
Riders - oh look at the photo!
A quick chat ended with us heading for a café stop in Retford. There wasn’t any wind but I admit to a hint of drizzle. We headed for Harworth and then Serlby before turning left off the old A1 and into Ranskill. At this point I blame Mick for not overruling me when I turned right - well Retford was that way. Unfortunately we ended up on the old A1 again a short distance from where we left it! And Billy Button Lane suddenly became significant as the point at which we, going south, were separated from those (no one as far as I could see) going both by a line of cones heading into deepest Retfordshire together with signs saying “Runners on road”. They must have been either shy, late or perhaps earlier because we didn’t see them either. We didn’t pass it or see it but I know that the millionaires café was closed - they were not going to get customers so didn’t bother to open.
Cars were no problem with their foot down they could pretend not to see us and get away with missing us altogether but the horse box was so polite we felt obliged to pull into somebody’s drive to let him past.
After a while we could stand it no more and turned left towards Lound. Conversations changed focus. “We can make it up as we go along” and “we don’t need a coffee stop” was the general content of conversation. Somehow we ended up in Mattersey and decided to head back to Ranskill, cross the old A1 and somehow end up in Blyth. As we left Mattersey we began to notice a breeze not really wind yet and not affecting our style!
At the end of Folly Nook Lane (I’ve always wanted to write that) we stopped to re-reconsider and then headed back through Serlby and then back to Harworth where we went through the industrial estate and closed (for repairs) roadway and onto Oldcotes. Having told my wife it might be a short ride she kept track of progress! Apparently everytime we looked to be heading to Tickhill she put the coffee in the microwave. Definitely cooked!
So onwards and outwards through Langold and into Carlton where we turned left and headed towards Blyth via the Blyth Worksop Road. The were little bouts of recognisable drizzle and the breeze was behind us and we were enjoying the ride. Blyth came and went, we crossed the A1 and turned up the hill towards Harworth. I recorded the memorable phrase at the top of “ Martin I’m feeling a little bit knackered”. So Mick went off to startup and home and I did the usual and finished alone!
Looking forward to better weather and more company next week!

Ok Riders were Mick Lee and me Martin Crapper