Ride coordinator and general Guru: Paul Bacon, Nursemaid: Matt Lowe, and the others were: Mick Lee, Martin Crapper, Paul Elwell, Noreen Dunnett, Dave Orridge, Diane Jordan,                 Paul Stephenson, Stewart Oades, Helen Hand, Kevin Thomas, Gareth Harle, Nick Kay, 


A nice sunny start to the day saw us sitting about outside for a change at the cricket club with lots of chatter about the previous days Flat 100 and the impressive finishers. Red and Blue riders were growing in number and after the red group left to go to Askern Lakes we, the Blue ride, were 14.

The route took us directly to Bawtry and with no waiting at the Crown we went left and right, through Newington and Misson towards the Blaxton -Westwoodside Road. A left at this point took us towards Blaxton along Sandersons Bank where for obvious safety reasons we split into 2 groups but not quite the 12/2 split favoured by Matt!. It was a nice warm day with a little breeze, loads of conversation and unfortunately quite a lot of petrol driven vehicles.


Straight over the roundabout at Blaxton, familiar to those who have entered the 10mile TT or in my case marshalled there, and on to Auckley and Branton. I don’t think we heard the Lions roaring as we passed the wildlife park but that could have been due to the noise of our voices. On Cantley Lane we turned left onto Church Lane, regrouping as one at the lights before crossing to Stoops Lane and following that until we turned left onto Burnham Close. Since it has a “no through road” sign and I had not been there before I was convinced Paul had got it wrong, but no! Detailed stuff on the road and in the privacy of his own home enabled Paul to lead us along the path/cycleway eventually bringing us onto Carolina Way and then via the footpath alongside the dual carriageway into Potteric Carr.


Bikes secured on the raised decking we went in. Coffees and cakes ordered we sat outside in the sunshine only heading rapidly inside when it started to rain! It didn’t turn out to be much but who likes soggy buns!


The next part of the ride was an eye opener for me! Out and across the dual carriageway in two groups as the lights caught out 5 of us (the slower ones?) but then a sharp left in front of B&Q along what I imagine was the old road before the dual carriageway was built and followed by a right turn onto a pleasant car free path which was the route of a long since abandoned (and now landscaped) railway line. The pathway meets the A60 at the junction with Woodfield Way and we turned right there or a few hundred yards turning onto Alverley Lane and left again onto Springwell Lane. As we reached White Cross Lane and turned right onto Tofield Road I became more comfortable with where I was, having worked in Wadworth for several years. Tofield Road has a sting in the tale with the last section the hill being fairly steep and spreading us out until a regrouping at the A6094 junction. To complete the route and add some respectability to the ride length we turned west along Long Gate  and southish along Cockhill Field Lane.


I’m not sure where the rain started but we did begin to get wet and it became more blustery as we swept along Rakes and Cockhill Lanes, part of the “intervals” route used mid week by many. Matthew kept his head down on Tickhill Back Lane in case his adversary of the last outing on the road should meet him again! But it’s downhill and we enjoyed the journey back into the village without meeting any living being.


We arrived back at the cricket club — all 14 of us — with no technical problems, no tantrums, really nothing to write home about, although I have because it was a good ride. Thanks guys and see you next week — although I know several will be holidaying in the sun, on or off the bikes.