Today’s riders were; Kerry Wilcockson; Space Kadet; Paul Elwell; Dave Orridge; Noreen Dunnett; Mick Lee; Tina Musgrove; Denise Motley; Shaun O’Neill; Nick Kay; Garry Needham; Martin Crapper; Christina Cooper; Gemma Scougal; Rob Drohan and Paul Bacon.

Ten to nine, sunny and sixteen eager, excited riders gathered somewhere.  And back at Tickhill there was plenty of chatting (blue riders only – red riders were on their way to Cleethorpes) and on the stroke of nine a call to order and a pre-ride chat of where we were going by the Space Kadet (aka Matthew Lowe).  Being the leader he called for two groups; one of six and one of ten but we decided upon two eights as usual.

We left Tickhill via Sunderland Street and made our way to Blyth.  The traffic lights were kind and we didn’t have to unclip riding straight up to the A1 roundabout, which was busy.  We made our way across and down into Blyth to the Red Hart roundabout which was also busy... but we regrouped before turning right onto Worksop Road.  We still had the first group in sight and from what I could see in my mirror we were riding as a well formed eight.

We followed the now familiar route down Crossley Hill Lane and onto Hundred Acre Lane and then onto Liquorice Lane through Wigthorpe and onto the main Worksop Road.  (this road is so much better going the other way!)  Straight to the Canon traffic lights and after a brief pause we were on our way again on Raymoth Lane, then Gateford Road.  A quick right onto Claylands Avenue saw us leaving town and heading for Shireoaks (this is a great way to circumnavigate Worksop – nice one Matt).

We were split at the roundabout but quickly regrouped and were then stopped at the level crossing where we came across; you guessed it, eight riders from TVC.  Making the most of the moment meant I joined the back of the second group and Noreen and Gemma took the front.  They kept us going through Thorpe Salvin and onto Packman Lane.  Bondhay Lane saw us all pass our leader (he was off his bike inspecting the flora and fauna) so there was a regroup at the golf club entrance.  We negotiated the busy A619 and made our way through Whitwell.  The small rise in Whitwell destroyed any group riding (well technically the small rise didn’t, it was the riders m’lord) but we managed to gain some semblance of order riding down to Arrow Farm Cafe.

The very nice people at Arrow had reserved us spaces on three tables and we duly seated ourselves and placed our orders (nb... no pancake stack on the menu!)  Very good service and food followed and suitably refreshed we were ready for photo’ and once again decision time.  Four riders opted for the direct route home with the rest following Matt wherever he was to roam, which was back to Thorpe Salvin!

We bypassed Dinnington preferring Thurcroft and Laughton with the call of a second coffee being too much for some (well Tina and Christina actually) so we waved goodbye with promises of coffee, no cake being made.  It was now a simple matter of the usual route through Firbeck, back to the A60 and the cricket club.  Seven of us made it back – not bad out of sixteen!  Thanks Matt for leading us on a super ride.  Great company as usual.