Riders: Paul Bacon (ride leader), Nick Kaye, Kevin Thomas, Sue Shore, Martin Crapper, Kerry Wilcockson, Mick Lee, Stuart Oades, Matthew Lowe, Kieran James, Helen Hand and Gareth Harle


There were enough riders at the cricket club for 2 large-ish rides. We, the blue ride, were 13 and set out promptly once the red ride had headed off.  Out towards Harworth then Blyth before turning towards Worksop. Apparently a “reverse” route but unless you remembered the original route that meant nothing! The important thing to note was that the weather was good, little wind and warm and sunny although the sun was low and generally in our eyes. The were no disasters only minor hiccups. Kieran paused for a while sorting his new (to him) bike out, Stuart who must have got mud in his cleats at one of the stops and was seen kicking a brick to dislodge said mud. And Sue who had a problem changing gears but benefitted from a chat with Kieran and had no more problems. 


We made it through Worksop safely, up Sparken Hill, and into Clumber expecting a lot of visitors.

There were few, but plenty of NT volunteers to make sure we didn’t park on the grass which was pretty well chewed up at the edges. There was even space at the café for us all to sit together inside. Coffee and cakes went down well and before too long we were out and setting off along the limetree avenue and stopping at the entrance arch for a group photo.


There was a bit of wind on the way but not really a problem and we made our way over the A1 and along the B6420 across the A620 Babworth Road and along Sutton Lane to Sutton (of course!) then north to Mattersey and still in a reasonable group. At Mattersey we took the Mattersey Road west  towards the outskirts of Ranskill joining the Great North Road for a short time and then turning towards Serlby. Although still a lovely day the sun kept disappearing and the drop in temperature was noticeable. At this point we were down to 12 but happily all was still going well. A couple more vanished along a different route, not into thin air! and the rest of us headed into Tickhill. Three more opted to go straight on as the remaining few turned right to the cricket club.


A short report but a very enjoyable last ride of the year. Thanks everybody and a happy new year to you all.