Blue ride to Robins Rest, Everton

Riders: Helen Hand, Stewart Oades, Kerry Wilcockson, Mick Lee, Martin Crapper. 

With no ride posted and the forecast terrible it was surprising to see so many bikes and riders hiding in the changing room. Runners were also gathering - is this the future?

The sun was out and the wind low so we were optimistic that we might get away with it!

Four of us were on the point of heading for Retford but were over-ruled by Helen who was to guide us to Robins Rest at Everton. 

We set off at a ridiculous pace to Harworth clearly Stewart had something to prove (or overcome)! But we kept at it turning left over the bridge, through the industrial area to a welcome freewheel down to the main road and the entrance to the Serlby estate. Pace was still Red+, not Blue, although we eased up as we went up the hill after the golf course. 

The route (made up as we went along) took us straight up the old A1 and over the railway bridge where we turned right and, unless my eyesight is worse than I believe, we passed Martin Bowdler - going the other way obviously!

The sunshine was welcome but we were not too hot, it’s March for goodness sake! At the end of Sutton Lane we turned left towards Retford and then right to avoid it, going along Ordsall Road out of Retford and then turning left. Odd things were happening which goes to show who is in charge and who knows his place! Stewart out in front red verbal communication (shouting) then resorted to dropping to the back to ask Helen which way to go (several times). We went through Eaton turned north again and through Whitehouses before Retford proper and out on Tiln Lane, Smeath Lane and took a left in Clarborough. I was thinking “Coffee”, I could smell it but we were miles away.

Through Hayton and over the canal, along Clayworth Common before the slight leftish direction showed us what the wind might be like. Shouts from the back indicated a rough turn at the end of the road. Good advice that I needed 3 miles to get my head round it! AT what used to be the Griff Inn we turned right then left onto the old road into Everton, or not quite into Everton. Coffee was in sight so we accelerated all the way only realising we were down to 3 with Stewart and Helen nowhere to be seen. Helen had struggled and decided to go home since we had almost passed her front door and Stewart caught us up inside the café.

The Robin’s Rest café is much improved, the last time I went there nearly everybody ended up buying flowers or plants but they were all gone and in their place was a mass of outdoor tables and plenty of place for bikes. We went in side of course! 

The scones looked good but I had carrot cake and watched the others eat Bacon and sausage - cooked stuff!

My timetable was pretty tight so I arranged for us to head straight back along the main road and we set off accordingly. The traffic and wind were “unpleasant” and Mick wisely suggested we turn left in Everton. so with a quick “goodbye” the main group was down to 3 and I continued up the main road. For all I know the three may still be out there wandering aimlessly. Helen was not there to sort them out. If they are handed in at some police station you could pretend you don’t know them but really we need them back for Sunday please! 

My ride back was uneventful once I had hidden under a tree (from the hailstones) and put a raincoat on. And I got browny points for once for not being late!

I enjoyed the ride thanks guys. Get better Helen.