Today’s riders were; Tina Musgrove; Sue Shore; Pete Hanks; Matthew Lowe and Paul Bacon.

We, the blue riders (not because it was cold – we are the blue group) waited for the other groups to depart and then made our way to Harworth.  Not puzzling at all after Matt had explained that the cafe stop at Ulley didn’t open until 11:00am.  It was a bit chilly – not really cold (shorts had been spotted earlier).  It was a bit misty – not really foggy (simple matter of having lights on).  It was great riding together – not dangerous or we wouldn’t have done it.

Having found our way back to the A60 we continued on the usual route through Firbeck but then headed out towards Stone and Roche Abbey.  After a short spell on the main road we negotiated Gypsy Lane and made our way through Slade Hooton and Brookhouse.  Upper Whiston to the A618 and finally to the cafe stop.  It was sort of up a bit, down a bit... up a bit more, down a bit... up again...

It was a new cafe stop for us and what a treat it was.  Home-made soup and cakes, very reasonably priced, all served and taken care of by the volunteers of Friends of Ulley Country Park group.  It never ceases to amaze me how you can have five people who have never ridden together, riding together, in a tight, well-formed group, having a great time.  We had a selfie, then a little walk, then we lifted the bikes over a five bar gate... then...well it was a Matt ride so... it was uphill again.  Tina left us on the way to North Anston so we were four.  It was still a bit up a bit, down a bit but not as energetic as the pre cafe antics.

We made our way to Gildingwells via Woodsetts and took the normal route home via Letwell and Firbeck.

Thanks Matt for a very enjoyable ride and to the very nice people who made it possible (despite the fact that we were always on the hunt for tissues and stopping to ensure clear passages).