Riders: Sue Shore, Denise Motley, Paul Stephenson, Kevin Thomas, Shaun O’Neil, Christina Cooper, Gareth Harle, John Musgrove, Paul Elwell, Matthew Lowe, Nick Kay, Martin Crapper.


This was the Scarborough Charity ride weekend but no Red ride had been announced so the anticipation had been for either a lot or a few to turn up. As it turned out we were a nice round dozen. The weather was in our favour, bright and sunny (ish) and there were  few bare arms. 


It seemed that the outward journey was planned as an “either or” kind of route. Depending on who came we could expect hills or not. Hills it was to be, although we were sorry that those not up to hills at the moment were missing. Matt had the route in his head as we left the CC and turned left but I am sure he said he would make up the return leg as we went along!


In and out of side roads, main roads and so on until we reached Apy Hill Lane. It wasn’t warm but comfortable enough and very clear. so there was lots to look at and talk about. At the end of Tickhill Back Lane (the other end of Apy Hill Lane) we turned left then right along Cockhill Lane, over the motorway, five lane end, Carr Lane  - no, no no he’s gone the wrong way - that goes up Clifton Hill!  So we suffered - or enjoyed it - I saw it all, but you do when you are last up! There wouldn’t be any more hills like that so better to get it over with!


Wending our way, mostly down hill, we reached Maltby, treating it as we did Tickhill by using roads no one anticipated (except Matt)  and  enjoying cliff Hill (down) and the almost empty main road and along Carr Lane (the Maltby one) and slowly up to Hooton Levitt and then Slade Hooton and Brookhouse. We were given a choice I admit it. But since everyone else was going up Bib One , I joined the queue - performing better than I did in Clifton. At the top we did the loop ending up at the foot of Bib Lane to find Matt sitting comfortably of a bench doing his coordinators job of making sure we were still alive and pedalling!


I think we were making better time than expected which would explain why we headed for Thurcroft (more back streets) then Brampton-en-le-Morthen and via back roads into Laughton-en-le-Morthen (does any one know what this Morthen is/was -can’t see a river) and hills all the way.

From there though it was downhill all the way to the café.


coffees and cakes were soon served outside and we (well not me) fed crumbs to cats, chickens, and Llamas and stroked horse and donkeys. There were also new born sheep (which looked and sounded like goats to me) to  look at. The horse worried me i’m sure it was going to take a bite out of my saddle - so I moved it eventually. 


Back in the saddle we took the little known side roads through the village - well who knew there was a footpath through all those nettles (other than Matt)? Along to Throapham and Dinnington where we got a bit spread out - well 4 of us got left, abandoned bit by bit until we could see the main group no more. and then we came to a cross road, was it straight up, left or right? 


Trawling through our memories of conversations long ago we though Matt had mentioned Letwell so we eventually went left, After a few hundred yards a very helpful young man on a bike confirmed he had passed a group of cyclists (all this without saying a word) so we kept on and on.

The main group were waiting at the junction with Lamb Lane which was just as well because we would definitely have turned right! But we turned left as a single group  then right up Penny Hill - not quite so bad but still Hill No3.


But stopping a short distance further along we were to be abandoned by our leader! Matt mad sure we knew how to get back, to be fair about half of us used this road regularly, and he left us to go home. So we soldiered on stopping at the Oldcoates/Maltby Road to say goodbye to Christina and turned right then left up Thornbury Hill Lane. Not really a hill this and Matt wasn’t there so it wouldn’t have counted anyway! 


Keven  indicated that he was going his own way in Tickhill and three of us didn’t turn into the cricket Club - a quite small group must have re-assembled there. I think we all had a good time, no mechanicals - Paul’s chain off doesn’t count.

Plenty of time to get home, shower, eat and get back to greet the Scarborough riders on there return.

Thanks everybody.