Riders: Matthew Lowe (ride leader), Peter Hanks, Kevin Thomas, Martin Crapper, Mick Lee, Tina Musgrove, Robert Stevenson. 


The weather forecast was not good and it started showing signs of being correct before we set off! The hardy few, standing outside, were keen to let those of us sitting in the changing room know that it was raining. But we didn’t care (yet!). A little light drizzle never hurt anyone (before).


Red ride out of the way and we set out towards Harworth and Blyth. There were a lot of cars about and both fast and close but we made it in one piece regrouping just over the A1 roundabout. Light drizzle had become drizzle! Through Blyth and onto the Worksop road and the weather gods decided to unburden themselves. We carried on through stair rods turning right at the 100 acre wood. 


We were wet by the time we reached the café, some more than others. Gloves were all over the radiators, oh and Tina’s socks. Check photo, shocking I know. 


Conversation over snacks was different with Tina telling us she had ordered tomato soup which was vegan! I learned something new (Twice) firstly Vegan wine doesn’t use animal products ???? And secondly proper wine might use fish products to clear it. Life is a minefield for the unwary! But be happy that vegan beer is available at selected outlets. 


If only Rob had fallen off again you wouldn’t have needed to hear this! Thanks  though “A” you must have used the right words on the wee chappie..


The group photo was fun, using the timer on the iPhone I got 5 well focused shots of the ceiling and Tina managed a selfie missing only Pete out but it took so long we could retake it to get him in.


Dinnington was another minefield, we were a bit spread out and Pete and I at the back knew there was a choice of right turns but couldn’t see anyone ahead so we did the obvious and accelerated up the wrong road. At the far side of Dinnington we saw the main group coming out of a side road and gave chase catching up on the way into Laughton. Using the fingers of both hands I was able to work out that we had lost Kevin!  Main group ‘knew’ he was with us, ‘Us’ knew he was with them. So we waited and eventually he appeared coming up the hill. Kevin, a little kindness doesn’t always work. You have to be waiting on the right road for laggards not on the wrong road!  


Some of us were angling for a second coffee stop and were disappointed as we went past Leger Lakes. We had the wind behind us and made good headway down the long hill into Firbeck. Matt stopped at the junction with Kidd lane and suggested we might want to avoid Techno tube which was flooded and covered in debris. Foolishly we chose Kidd Lane!


the road seemed steep being at the end rather than the beginning of the ride but we met again at the top. The ride down from the hilltop into Oldcotes was a fast and easy bit of the journey. But in the village we turned right before the lights then left to go into Styrrup. Who planned this? We were still early though so the extra hills, not slopes, were welcome and somewhere or sometime along the way another coffee stop had been arranged. So some of us went past the garden centre, some went in. Hot shower outweighed hot coffee for me so I went the other 1/4 mile home leaving some in Wellingtons and others heading to the cricket club or home. 


I had forgotten about rain by this time, clothes were dry and I looked back pleased with another good ride out, thanks Matthew.