Riders: Matt Lowe, Christina Cooper, Martin Crapper!

We politely waited whilst Red and purple rides cleared the car park and then let Matt lead us off towards Harworth. Triple the number of riders I have got used to but no complaints from me. Despite the weather forecast the wind was nowhere and it wasn’t raining. A nice easy pace saw us reaching Blyth and heading along the Worksop road. Christina in the middle for a while but recognising that one of us, ok me, seemed to be struggling she dropped back to keep an eye on me and the rest of the riders(!). 

Part way along the worksop road and opposite the excitingly named Fifty Acre Wood we turned right towards Carlton in Lindrick and for a while the quieter roads. Things multiplied as we turned right onto Hundred Acre lane (sounds like some competition) but then left again towards Wigthorpe. I can’t remember why we stopped in Wigthorpe but there are interesting buildings hidden behind the stone walls. Oh and two horses which caused us to slow right down.

But onwards towards Gateford and almost into Worksop town centre before turning off towards Rhodesia along the side of the canal and turning right along the length of Steetley Lane. At the point where we were within site of the café and about to turn right a horse rider in a field ahead slowly crossed the road and into the verge at the other side we were able to tell him we were not going his way and concentrated on the final push to the Bar - sorry café!

We were still in the car park when the new lady running the café took orders for cooked stuff - bread and cooked dead stuff - bacon I think. Sorry my veggie side sneaking out.

There were loads of planes parked not a Biggles in sight though, well it was raining and we parked by the fence and went into the large lounge with only one other table taken. 

My scone was very welcome although probably not highly scored - but came buttered and jammed. The bacon butties went down well and with coffee of any variety only costing £1 there were no complaints.

Having chatted briefly to the new owner we set off again turning right out of the car park (instinct told me left but this was a Matt ride!)

The airfield is not far from Thorpe Salvin and (my fault) we got a bit spread out as I strained to see all the houses. I probably did the same the first time I went through the village. But we caught up and headed to Kiveton Bridge. I was advised to lock into the little ring well before we turned right and went up the hill. Despite the warnings (and I did as advised - so unlike me!) the hill was OK and we made it without mishap (walking). 

We made it through South and North Anston with the aid of Matt’s faultless navigation and were well into Dinnington before I recognised the Royal Elephant and finally knew where I was! From there it seemed a short distance to Laughton en le Morthen where we skulked through the back streets and passed by the Leger Lakes café. We didn’t go in but there were already a lot of bikes parked (so presumably riders inside) so they wouldn’t miss us. And we didn’t do the detour to go up Bib lane either! 

We made our way, single file was the norm, and got through to Firbeck and then the main road where Christina left us to go direct to Maltby. Matt and I wandered(?) along/up Thornbury Hill Lane and back into Tickhill.

It had been a good ride - light on riders but good nevertheless.

I know that most, possible all you regular Blue riders were in Bircotes last weekend and would be recovering still so excuses are not necessary. We look forward to seeing some of you next week. Better still if one of you is there e to remind me to take a group photo!