Ride leader: Matthew Lowe and trailing behind were: Paul Bacon, Christina Cooper, Martin Crapper, Paul Stephenson, Clair Scammell, Diana Simpson, Mick Lee, Sue Shore, Kerry Wilcockson, Nick Kay, Kevin Thomas.


Brilliant sunshine and the promise of warmer weather to come saw me freezing to death at the cricket club surrounded by a host (well 11) of highly insulated and more observant also rans! (or would that be “also cycled”?). But I did have tan lines (blue?) on show from the previous Sunday ride.

Expecting to head towards Rother Valley Country Park my initial thoughts were that Matt had it all wrong as we were going north-ish. Since no one I asked had any idea of the destination I followed my leader! It was good to welcome Paul S to his first club ride and good to see Diana, missing from club rides for a while. Regrettably she had to make an early exit, but did make it home safely.


I think we were all expecting hills, but Matt had been very precise in specifying “a few hills” and we probably used more energy on the way in debating where the hills were than getting up them.

Nick brought excitement to the ride by changing gear whilst pedalling backwards. We had a well deserved rest before riding on to Old Edlington, Micklebring, Ravensfield, almost to Hooton Roberts but then up the slope (not a hill) to the country Park.


It was warm enough to sit outside for our coffees snd snacks although Paul (S) initially opted to get rid of excess calories by standing a while (he didn’t have that many to lose though). And having eaten we coerced a member of the public to take a group photo - and his ulterior motive was that he wanted to ask if he could join us one Sunday. No violence was involved!


From there we turned left towards Thurcroft without Kerry who went his own way a) home or b) for a longer/faster ride. We soldiered on back to Ravenfield but turning then to Bramley where we crossed the outward route and headed to Sunnyside taking time off for Matt’s own little technical, then Wickersley, Thurcroft, Laughton, Dinnington, Gildingwells, Letwell and Firbeck. Somewhere in Letwell (?) kevin opted to outdo us all and have a puncture. Aagh sorry Mick, I forgot your own mishap - the fault of a cable tie so not exceptionally technical but enough to cause a halt.


So back to Kevin, or not. We didn’t see him again, but Paul (S) was able to let us know he was being brave and would fix it alone or maybe ring Owen!


As we got into Letwell We stopped to say goodbye to Christina, but she liked it so much she wouldn’t go and carried on to the main Maltby road - her usual departure junction!


We arrived back at the Cricket Club seconds ahead of the Red Ride having thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I hope to see you all next weekend.