Today’s riders were; Diana Simpson; Christina Cooper; Clair Scammell; Diane Jordan; Sandra Hardy; Matthew Lowe; Stuart Oades; Mick Lee; Chris Higgins; Oliver Hartmann; Martin Crapper; Karl Davies; Steve Grieg; Paul Stephenson; Kerry Wilcockson; Paul Elwell and Paul Bacon.

The red ride report was out very quickly... synonymous of their riding.  This blue ride report is following on behind... some way behind... apologies from the author.

It was a most pleasant morning and with riders arriving... the regulars, holiday returnees, reluctant ‘Ulley’ individuals and then more riders.  Seventeen of us to be exact and Matt mustered us into two groups ready for the off.  Prior to setting off there had been the usual conversations and some unusual too.  Mick, having left all medication at home, was getting confused between our esteemed ride leader and another club member (no Mick, Matt really doesn’t have a baby at home) and then Matt was called Rob.  It’s a wonder the man didn’t have an identity crisis (well to be fair, he may have but we didn’t notice).

So there we all were, ready for the off but not ready enough it seemed as Matt gestured for a further four riders to join his group.  That settled and we in the second group knowing the route to Laughton, we set off.  The pace was steady (this is a Blue ride report you’re reading) leaving Tickhill on the A60 and we kept the front group in sight, catching them up at times as they were held up at junctions – as in the bottom of Thornbury Hill Lane.

It was on to Firbeck, Letwell and Gildingwells taking the right turn to Dinnington, with a bit more ‘up.’  At the top of Lodge Lane we turned left and back towards, yes you got it... Firbeck.  This is where a definite Love Your Leader (felt more by some than others) moment was realised as we looped back to Firbeck.  Then it was the lovely ride up to Laughton where the front group kindly waited for us and we received the next set of instructions.  Down to Brookhouse and up to Thurcroft at which point we rode as one group basically so we wouldn’t get lost!

Over the motorways and down on Reservoir Road to... the reservoir and onto the A618.  Just around the corner there was Ulley Country Park.  The cafe opened at 11:00 am and we arrived at around 10:56 am... not bad Matt, almost like you’d planned it.  The tomato and lentil soup was enjoyed by Steve Grieg and me; the selection of cakes/teacakes enjoyed by others.  The gentleman on my left decided on the scone only to see my bakewell tart.  It was oh so easy to pop back to the counter – nice work Stuart.

We stayed a little longer than normal.  Well, it was sunny; we were chatting and then the decision to main road or not main road, that was the question.  So some did and some didn’t and the remainder of the report is 25% of the ride as one rider can’t be in two places at once.

Our group took the walk along the reservoir.  The end result was lifting bikes and bodies over a five bar gate.  Back on the bikes we made our way back along reservoir road and up the A618 for a short while.  Then it was Upper Whiston and Morthen – steady but it was a lovely day and we weren’t in a rush.  Matt took us through Bramley, along Lidget Lane continuing on through Micklebring and on to Braithwell.  We shouted ‘bye’ to Christina and continued along Cockhill Field Lane and Tickhill Back Lane, continuing to enjoy the weather, the company and the easier riding.

We made it back to Tickhill where preparations were in full swing for a cricket match.  It was a great way to get to Ulley with nothing too arduous.  We must do it again Matt.