Club Rides

Since the club started in October 2012 we have been riding on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, trying to cater for everyone. Keep an eye on our Facebook group for adhoc rides being arranged in the club. There is always somebody going out or meeting up with other clubs.

Further rides can be found on our special events page.

Would you like to organise a club ride?

We are actively looking for volunteers to organise additional club rides, be it a one off or regular event.

Please contact Martin Bagshaw if you would like to get involved.


2018 Ride Schedule 

Click here for 9am Ride Schedule 1 - 26 week

Please note the ride schedule is dependent on weather conditions and therefore subject to change. Please check any changes with your ride leader or on Facebook.


Sunday 07:00 | 35 miles | fast pace

This ride is aimed at the more advanced rider fast pace 18mph +


Sunday 9:00 | 35 - 50 miles | medium pace

This ride is aimed at the intermediate rider  medium pace 15 - 17mph

We have also now introducted a split on this ride for the faster riders to have quick extra loop (5/6 miles extra) in before the cafe stop and also after the cafe stop if required.


Sunday 09:30 | 15 - 30 miles | leisure pace

This ride is aimed at the leisure rider with a slow to medium pace between 10 - 15mph

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