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9:30am Club Ride to Café Roubaix

TVC to Café Roubaix 16/7/2017 Riders: Helen Hand, Stuart Oades, Mick Lee, Pete Wilby, David Nicklins, Owen and Kevin Thomas, Christina Cooper, Tina Musgrove, Nick Kay, Bob and Tom Drohan, Chris Higgins, Paul Bacon, Peter Hanks, Martin Crapper

9:00am Club ride to Wentworth Garden Centre

9:00am Club ride to Wentworth Garden Centre

9:00am Club ride to Baslow

9:00am Ride to Baslow Riders; Adrian Shores, Ash Daughtrey, Karl Davies, Malcolm Betts, Stephen Greig, Gary Durham, Eddie Fisher, Andrew Dempster, Martin Bagshaw.

9:30am Club Ride to Leger Lakes

TVC 9.30 ride to Leger Lakes Riders: Stuart Oades, Mike Abiss, Peter Wilbur, Diana Simpson, Ellie Thomas, David Nicklin, Martin Crapper, Louise Motley, Mark Motley, Helen Hand.

9:15 Joint Club Ride to Citrus Cafe

Three rides leave Tickhill on a Sunday morning every week, occasionally two meet up for a joint ride and chin wag. This Sunday was one of those days!

9:00 Club Ride to Cleethorpes

Fish and chips at the seaside are always good but taste even better after riding there to eat them!

9:00 Club ride to Old School Tea Rooms

A tale of she wee's and hairy knees

2017 Scarborough Charity Ride

After last year's successful fund raising ride to Scarborough it was time to do it all again!

9:00am Club ride to Sherwood Forest

Ride report for the 7th of May 2017 9am ride Riders setting off from Tickhill HQ: Andy Walker, Rob Drohan, Karl Davies, Steve Greig, Martin Graves, Lawrence Buckley, Mark Badger, Hayley Squires, Adrian Shores, Mick Lee, Peter Down, Jenny Down, Mick Abbiss, Sally Moore, Malcolm Betts.

Manchester Velodrome Track Session - 09/04/17

Another great night at Manchester Velodrome Andy Birdsall, Laurette Tahmassian-Zarneh, Andrew Dempster, Ash Daughtrey, Rob Drohan, Adrian Shores, John Smith, Roy Plant, Brett Daughtrey, Lee Allen & Andre Zarneh

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