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9:30 One Loop Ride

A 20 mile loop back to Wellington's Cafe.

Christmas ride to Wellingtons Café

For those, like me, who have never gatecrashed a 9am ride don’t be alarmed, give it a go. The image of Lean, mean racing machine is only partly true — the cow for instance didn’t look lean enough to sell on eBay. They chatted and for half the ride they sang and the clincher for me was they have piped music!

9.30 Roundabout ride to The Old Schoolroom Café

A bit on the chilly side but despite forecasts there was no frost and with a light wind we seemed to be looking forward to the ride, and, after conversations were over and the latest fashions admired ,or not, we set off.

9.30 ride to The Lemon Tree Café

It was a lovely winter morning, bright, dry and little to no wind. Ok so some complained of frost when they left home but I hadn’t really seen any worth a mention. Alan and Sue were a welcome addition to the ride and we split into 2 groups before setting off about a minute part. Team Bacon being the 6 at the rear!

9:00 Club Ride to Wentworth Garden Centre

A winters tale of bikes and owls on a ride to Wentworth Garden centre or so we thought.

9.30 ride to Café Roubaix on Remembrance Sunday

A lovely Sunday morning, sunshine, no clouds, a little breeze and cold saw us looking a very smart, fashion conscious group

7am Club Ride

This week's 7am ride report is entitled "Any sport except cycling....!!!" I arrived at the Cricket Club with the skies just starting to lighten. We still aren't pitch black at 7am yet! Already waiting were Brendan Cunnane and Andy Singleto, and we were quickly joined by Martin Bowdler and Tim Bilby!

9.30 ride to Wellingtons Café in Tickhill

It was a lovely sunny morning, cold but not worryingly so, as we met at the cricket club. Before we started Mathew attempted to impose order and outlined what would make us into a group to be proud of. I’m always impressed with a group who pedal past in tight group with small gaps between wheels. We all understood although I’m not sure we can yet do it!

9.30 ride to Leger Lakes

Keen as always to get out in the fresh with my bike I arrived early at the cricket club. 10 past 9 and the enormous 9pm group had obviously gone. To warm up I went round the block a couple of times and found Mick Lee just arriving so I pulled in to wait the final few minutes while you all arrived. It was pleasant enough in the shelter of the 2 arms of the building and we chatted away until 9.35 ish. It was now apparent that we were it

9:00 (8:00) Club Ride to Humber Bridge

It took a long time and a lot of money to build the Humber bridge, the least we can do is go and ride our bikes over it every now and then. This is the story of our 2017 expedition.

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