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7am Ride Report

7am Ride Report - otherwise known as the TVC Wheelhuggers report... Spring has definately sprung...!!!

9:30 Club Ride to Citrus Cafe

How many punctures can we have on one club run!

9:00 Club Ride to Baslow

Club ride to Baslow and surrounding hills, a tale of Mechanicals, Missing Riders and Medicals

7am Club Ride Report

7am Ride Report I turned up on time (well, 7.03, so on time for me!) to find I was the only one there! Oh well, I thought - Billy No Mates again. As I turned around to head down Sunderland Street, I realised I'd forgotten my bottle. Left it on the side in the kitchen in my hurray to get out the door for 7!! Doh!

Chairmans Report 2017

Chairmans Report 2017

9:00 Club ride to Citrus Cafe

On a cold and frosty morning in Tickhill

Gripple Ltd support the 2017 ‘Go-Ride’ Project

The two employees of Gripple who are members of Tickhill Velo Club (TVC), Hayley Squires and Mark Badger, have been supported by their company, with sponsorship for the first phase of the club ‘Go-Ride’ project

9:00 Club ride to Old School Tea Rooms

Reverse Nutty Route to old school tea rooms - Classic café, not so classic weather

New Year's Day Ride

Report on unofficial 9.37am New Year's Day ride. Martin Crapper

Tickhill Velo Club Xmas Ride 2016

Twas the Sunday before Christmas and all though Tickhill not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Until the clock struck 9:00

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