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Sunday outing to Clumber Park

Lots arrived early at the cricket club to find potential 9.00 riders opting for a 9.30 nattering class and other normally 9.30 riders arriving to report on an accident on the way into Tickhill from the Bawtry direction. Lots of guesses but no real knowledge of what was happening so we did what we do well and made it up! The general opinion was that the 9am team had come upon an accident and stopped to help. How wrong can we be!

9:30 ride to Skyways Bar

A great ride to Netherthorpe airfield.

9:00 Club ride - Adrian's tour of Retford

With a poor weather forecast it was touch and go whether anyone was going to turn up for the 9:00 ride this week, looks like we're made of stern stuff in Tickhill!

9.30 Ride to Leger Lakes

A lovely Sunday morning greeted us, bright but not yet too warm and as we grew in numbers we had plenty to talk about, a new face to greet and an old face looking for witnesses to an accident 2 years ago. As always we watched a muttering between Matthew and Paul before forming into 2 groups and setting off.

9:30 ride to Retford

Couple of hills, lumpy coffee, flying bottles... just your typical Sunday ride really.

9.30 two loop ride to Wellingtons' Café

Beautiful morning for a ride and we met at the cricket club growing in numbers until finally there were 17 of us. Dividing the crowd into 2 manageable groups took a while but we managed and were all eager to get going — well all but Peter Hanks who expressed doubts about getting the whole way round and he had already cycled a long way into Tickhill!

9:00 Club ride to Sherwood Forest

On a lovely sunny morning we were bound for Robin Hood country along some peaceful country lanes.

Sunday rides to two destinations

A beautiful morning sunshine greeted us on Sunday 1st July 2018 for what was to be … different! There were probably about 16 or 17 of us milling about and a fair number (9) hanging about at the back waiting to go slowly to the Old Schoolroom for coffee and cakes.

Hot Sunday Ride to Barnburgh Lakes

The cricket was in full swing when we met at the cricket club, several of the riders were still half asleep and dreaming of the books they fell asleep reading the night before. They signed in with the name of the character they most associated themselves with as you will see.

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