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Blue ride to Thrybergh Country Park

Brilliant sunshine and the promise of warmer weather to come saw me freezing to death at the cricket club surrounded by a host (well 11) of highly insulated and more observant also rans! (or would that be “also cycled”?). But I did have tan lines (blue?) on show from the previous Sunday ride.

Blue ride to Southwell

Spot the difference...

Blue ride to Cafe de Bella, Retford

Now... knees bent, smile...

Blue ride to Netherthorpe airfield

We were blessed with 2 ride leaders today, or 1 ride coordinator who led the ride and 1 ride leader who rode at the back! The guy at the front: Matt Lowe (official ride coordinator), Hilary Thompson, Mick Lee, Diane Jordan, Christina Cooper, Kevin Thomas, Paul Rhodes Diana Simpson and Paul Bacon (the ride leader at the back)

Blue ride to Markham Grange

Bikes, bonsai and brilliant scones.

Blue ride to Everton

With no ride posted and the forecast terrible it was surprising to see so many bikes and riders hiding in the changing room. Runners were also gathering - is this the future?

Blue Ride - an O.A.P. special

The forecast of high winds, rain, and for some a cycling course away from home, kept many at home in n bed. Despite this the cricket club car park was packed with Lycra clad enthusiasts.

Blue ride to Skyays bar

We politely waited whilst Red and purple rides cleared the car park and then let Matt lead us off towards Harworth. Triple the number of riders I have got used to but no complaints from me. Despite the weather forecast the wind was nowhere and it wasn’t raining.

Red Ride to Ten Green Bottles

With a couple of stand in ride leaders the group set off in the general direction of Retford looking for coffee and cakes

Blue ride Harley Café

The car park was clogged up by cyclists who having got up early, seen the sun, were desperate to enjoy the outdoors. We the blue ride numbered 11 and the red ride about the same so 3 times the last ride!

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