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Blue ride to Skyays bar

We politely waited whilst Red and purple rides cleared the car park and then let Matt lead us off towards Harworth. Triple the number of riders I have got used to but no complaints from me. Despite the weather forecast the wind was nowhere and it wasn’t raining.

Red Ride to Ten Green Bottles

With a couple of stand in ride leaders the group set off in the general direction of Retford looking for coffee and cakes

Blue ride Harley Café

The car park was clogged up by cyclists who having got up early, seen the sun, were desperate to enjoy the outdoors. We the blue ride numbered 11 and the red ride about the same so 3 times the last ride!

Blue and Red ride to Leger Lakes

The easy decision to take this morning was “one ride or two?”. That’s the theory anyway, but we set off having made the decision. The other decision was much harder to make - Decorate bedroom and keep wife happy or do report??? sorry guys you lost the pace a bit.

Blue Ride to The Lemon Tree

If you keep up to date on facebook you will know that we arrived at the cricket club leaderless and with nowhere to go! Ollie had volunteered to help out - he does that! Paul turned up having not expected to be available and suddenly Blue ride had a leader a back marker and a glimmer of hope. There were red riders there as well but thats the only mention they get as they coalesced wordlessly (it seemed) into a pack and set off.

Blue Ride to Clumber Park

There were enough riders at the cricket club for 2 large-ish rides. We, the blue ride, were 13 and set out promptly once the red ride had headed off.

Red Ride to The Old Butchers Fishlake

We visited this top cafe in July, it was going to be a chillier affair today

Sunday Blue Ride - 25th November

A nice cold morning saw us meeting at the Cricket Club or to be more precise it had been a nice cold morning, it was starting to rain and we sat in the boys changing room until all the seats were filled and then went out to find bikes. At this stage I should mention that there were ladies present and it was raining.

Red Ride to Ten Green Bottles Retford - Or Perhaps not

The plan was a steady ride to Ten Green Bottles on Adrian's 3-miles to Retford route, so called as it seems we were always just 3-miles to Retford. Tha was the plan but sometimes things don't work out!

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