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9:00 Club Ride to Wentworth Garden Centre

A winters tale of bikes and owls on a ride to Wentworth Garden centre or so we thought.

9.30 ride to Café Roubaix on Remembrance Sunday

A lovely Sunday morning, sunshine, no clouds, a little breeze and cold saw us looking a very smart, fashion conscious group

7am Club Ride

This week's 7am ride report is entitled "Any sport except cycling....!!!" I arrived at the Cricket Club with the skies just starting to lighten. We still aren't pitch black at 7am yet! Already waiting were Brendan Cunnane and Andy Singleto, and we were quickly joined by Martin Bowdler and Tim Bilby!

9.30 ride to Wellingtons Café in Tickhill

It was a lovely sunny morning, cold but not worryingly so, as we met at the cricket club. Before we started Mathew attempted to impose order and outlined what would make us into a group to be proud of. I’m always impressed with a group who pedal past in tight group with small gaps between wheels. We all understood although I’m not sure we can yet do it!

9.30 ride to Leger Lakes

Keen as always to get out in the fresh with my bike I arrived early at the cricket club. 10 past 9 and the enormous 9pm group had obviously gone. To warm up I went round the block a couple of times and found Mick Lee just arriving so I pulled in to wait the final few minutes while you all arrived. It was pleasant enough in the shelter of the 2 arms of the building and we chatted away until 9.35 ish. It was now apparent that we were it

9:00 (8:00) Club Ride to Humber Bridge

It took a long time and a lot of money to build the Humber bridge, the least we can do is go and ride our bikes over it every now and then. This is the story of our 2017 expedition.

Tickhill Velo 9.30 hilly ride to Leger Lakes

The day after T-Fest and we foolishly thought we could meet in the cricket club car park. Common sense arrived (on a bike) and suggested we move to SJ Grooming where on arrival there was already a group waiting to set off.

9:30am Tickhill Velo head for the Old School Tea Room at Carburton

Lovely morning -sunshine earlier - but still pretty good at 9.30. The weather forecast looked OK and we were ready to go. Split up by a car before we reached Sunderland Street we headed west to the Buttercross, left to the Millstone and past the mill dam. By the time we reached Worksop Road we were developing into two distinct groups.

9.30 Ride Report - Leger Lakes

Today's ride was dedicated to John Musgrove and all the riders wish John a speedy recovery. We welcomed Paul Russell to our ride today and along with 17 other riders set off from Tickhill splitting into 2 groups for safety.

7am Club Ride Report

7am Ride Report "It's called the Dave Morgan Pain Train for a reason......" I posted on Facebook last night that I'd be out for the normal 7am TVC Clumber Loop but didn't see much response and so thought the numbers might be thin. How wrong was I...!! As usual, I was late so was the last to arrive. Already there were Gary Durham, Nigel Tune, Brendan Cunnane, Tim Bilby, Mark Oldfield and a certain Mr Dave Morgan.

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