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Sunday rides to two destinations

A beautiful morning sunshine greeted us on Sunday 1st July 2018 for what was to be … different! There were probably about 16 or 17 of us milling about and a fair number (9) hanging about at the back waiting to go slowly to the Old Schoolroom for coffee and cakes.

Hot Sunday Ride to Barnburgh Lakes

The cricket was in full swing when we met at the cricket club, several of the riders were still half asleep and dreaming of the books they fell asleep reading the night before. They signed in with the name of the character they most associated themselves with as you will see.

9:30 ride to Harley Cafe

A great ride to one of our (well my) favourite watering holes.

Sunday Ride to Clumber Park

Quite a big group on a beautiful Sunday morning chatting merrily in the cricket club car park, introducing ourselves to Darren on his first ride with us, until that is Paul tried to get us split into 2 groups. Paul was to lead the first group (of 10 riders) and the reluctant Matt the second group with Rob bringing up the rear (in case of………)

9:00 Club ride to Citrus Cafe

Another sunny Sunday morning, third in a row, who knows perhaps summer has really arrived after all.

9:30 feature ride to Alkborough

Annual ride to The Paddocks Tea Room

9:00 Club Ride to Barnburgh Lakes

After a few close calls with cars around Armthorpe it was time for a new route to Markham Grange, while we were at it how about a new cafe as well!

9.30 Ride to The Lemon Tree Tea Room

A lovely sunny morning was enjoyed as we gathered for the start of this 35 mile flatish ride.

Trip to the Bay Tree Cafe, Retford

A chilly meet at the cricket club with the forecast a bit iffy. Rain overnight had left many roads if not flooded then hosting big puddles. But we were with Matthew - he would keep us safe (not). It will be fine - it won’t rain till 3 - its cold but will be warmer - who cares lets get going!

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