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7am Club Ride Report

7am Ride Report "It's called the Dave Morgan Pain Train for a reason......" I posted on Facebook last night that I'd be out for the normal 7am TVC Clumber Loop but didn't see much response and so thought the numbers might be thin. How wrong was I...!! As usual, I was late so was the last to arrive. Already there were Gary Durham, Nigel Tune, Brendan Cunnane, Tim Bilby, Mark Oldfield and a certain Mr Dave Morgan.

9:30am Club Ride to Café Roubaix

A roadkill special report Ride Leader: Matthew Lowe , also present: Mick Lee, Stewart Oades, Helen (off the front) Hand, Nick Kay, Paul Rhodes, Noreen Dunnett, Dave Orridge, Ben Woolley, Peter Wilby, Robert Stevenson, Martin Crapper, Mark Motley, Denise Motley, Andrew Rex, Hilary Thompson, Julie Andrews, Imram Hamood, Peter Hanks, Glenn Hearne, Diana Simpson, Kieran James, David Nicklin. Denise Motley seemed to insist on riding twice but then Micky Mouse also cycled and thank goodness Julie Andrews didn’t start singing!. Despite the list we were a group of only 21! No prizes for telling me who wasn't there.

9am ride to Nona’s via Ulley

9am ride to Nona’s via Ulley Riders - Jenny, Pete, Ash, Nigel, Trev, Andy, Steve, Andy (S), Lawrence, Mick, Hayley, Mark, Adrian, John, Owen, Gareth, Andy (B) Riders gathered as usual at 9am and set off just after with Pete leading and Mick back marking. There was in impromptu change of route, as the road through Firbeck had been ‘redressed’

9.30am Club ride to TIA Cafe

Riders there were a plenty: Matthew Lowe (ride leader) 19 or so others including 2 new riders. The car park seemingly full of riders split into 2 groups before leaving the cricket club in bright sunny weather and with the promise of higher temperatures to boot. It looked a lot like a mixture of 9 and 9.30 riders but newbies were generally the strange faces not late 9 o'clockers.

Trip to Mallorca

Six days in the Mallorcan sunshine for a few 9:30 riders.

9am Club Ride to Bolsover

A steady ride to the Harley café vis Bolsover in the sunshine, what could go wrong

7am Club Ride

Today's 7am ride report is called 'Death, taxes and Rigoberto Uran' Just the three of us for this morning's 7am Loop through Clumber. Gary Durham and Tony Wiles were ready and waiting at the Cricket Club when I arrived just after 7am. The weather was clear and dry, and we set off at the normal break-neck speed I've come to know and (not really) love!

9:30am Club Ride to Leger Lakes

TVC 30/7/2017 Leger Lakes Riders: Matthew Lowe, Paul Bacon, Peter Hanks, Peter Wilby, Mick Lee, Martin Crapper, Cristina Cooper, Denise Motley, Tina Musgrove, Nicholas Kay, Kevin Thomas and Owen Thomas.

9:30 ride to The Dukeries Cafe

Over to Worksop to try out a different refreshment venue. Photograph courtesy of Mr Martin Bagshaw

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