Red ride. Seven of us set out from the club house, on a different route to planned, something to do with a mix up with dates and a running event… 
Led by Adrian Shores, the seven of us (Catherine Adams, Jonathan Bough, Jenny Down, Peter Down, Stephen Grieg and John Musgrove) rode in perfect formation, not leaving anyone at the first junction at all, en route to Retford. The weather held off for the majority of the way with little more than a faint drizzle of rain and a little bit of a breeze. The steady pace allowed for plenty of conversation, banter and usual passing of wind jokes.
I’d talk about the route, but anyone who knows me, will be aware that I ride completely oblivious to direction, place and landmark. Save from the fact that it was mainly flat, with a few hills, lots of minor roads with ‘interesting’ surfaces and the fact that we were nearly always 3 miles away from the destination, I can’t really fill in the details. It’s all on Strava though, so all is not lost.
When we arrived at the café, we found that the purple group were already there (with a rather tempting array of rainbow coloured cakes and coffees) as were another group of cyclists, so we had quite a wait for our refreshments. The wait was long enough for a good chat and somehow enough peer pressure to make me reluctantly agree to write this. 
The ride home was slightly quicker, as the weather changed, reminding us that February had only just passed. Again, I couldn’t tell you which way we went – but it did involve lots of long straight roads again. 
A good ride was had by all (although Peter may not agree).