Red Ride to Ten Green Bottles Retford – Or perhaps not!


Jenny Down, Pete Down, Jonathan Palmer, Jonathan Brough, Adrian Shores, Martin Bagshaw.

It was a cold wet one this morning so the changing room at the cricket club was a rainbow affair as red, purple and blue riders all crowded in for a pre-ride warm and a chat before venturing out on their respective rides.

It was dry and warm but 9.00 came around and it was time to get out on the road. We committed a cardinal sin this morning as all 3 rides turned left out if the cricket club and headed out of Tickhill, but it wasn’t too bad and a sensible overtaking gap was left until the purple ride headed off the Bawtry leaving the Red & Purple rides to turn right to Harworth.  After a while and at a safe point the Red riders moved away from the Purple to head out on Adrian’s 3 mile to Retford adventure, so called as for most of the it we were only 3 miles from Retford.

With the ride split up there were just 6 Red riders which was a nice size group on the road, so we made good time through Serlby and up to Scrooby Top where we had our first mechanical. A keen-eyed Jon P noticed Jon B had a wobbly rear wheel which on closer examination turned out to be loose rear bearings. Nothing we could do at the roadside, so Jon headed for home and 6 became 5.

On through Torworth we were making good time until Adrian pulled up with a loose pedal! Deja Vue here as on one of Adrian’s first rides with the club he had a loose pedal and made a name for himself by repairing it with a spoon from the café but no spoons were available, so we needed a plan B. We were only 2 miles from Retford and Café Roubaix who may have some tools, so we took a detour. A 10mm Allen key was produced but the pedal wouldn’t tighten up so we were faced with loosing another rider but Addy decided to press on one legged.

Getting back on route we passed through Eaton and the surrounding villages passing numerous signs stating that Retford was only 3 miles away but never getting any closer. Eventually we rolled down the hill into Retford and change the café venue from Ten Green Bottles to Café Roubaix as thanks for the help. We had a surprise here when our friends Gillian and Martin from Rossington Wheelers, so we had a catch up over our tea and cakes. Before we left there was one last attempt to secure the wobbly pedal but despite managing to get it off this time it couldn’t be tightened up so off we set with a one legged Addy limping along.

Out of Retford and on the way to Clarborough we took a 5-minute stop at the point where Adrian had his bee attack, it was surreal listening to him tell us about where he was found and where the air ambulance landed to take him to hospital. Pressing on we headed for Clayworth and Mattersey where we were joined by Brendon and Mark who accompanied us for the rest of the ride back to Harworth where people started peeling off for home leaving the hard core to complete the last few miles back to Tickhill.


Pete for another chilly weekend with shorts on

Adrian for doing a big part of the ride one legged!