Starting to build up a portfolio of routes.

Please feel free to send me your routes so I can add them to the list.


Destination Distance Type Route Link
Sunday 7am Club Ride 32 miles Flattish Clumber Park Loop
The Pantry 8020 35 miles Flattish The Pantry 8020
Drayton, East Markham & Clumber Park 48 miles Rolling Drayton, East Markham & Clumber Park
Lime Café Bilsthorpe 54 miles Rolling Lime Cafe Bilsthorpe
Thaymar via Sturton 45 miles Rolling Thaymar via Sturton
Askern via Snaith 61 miles Flattish Askern via Snaith
Sherwood Forest 45 miles Rolling Sherwood Forest
West Butterwick 53 miles Rolling West Butterwick
Messingham 69 miles Flattish Messingham
Snaith & Eggborough 66 miles Flattish Snaith & Eggborough
Dunham Bridge 66 miles Flattish Dunham Bridge
Southwell 71 miles Rolling Southwell
Hooten Pagnell 53 miles Hilly Hooton Pagnell
Retford Cafe 35 miles Rolling Retford Cafe
Garden Room Café 20 miles Flattish Garden Room Cafe
Markham Grange  40 miles Rolling Markham Grange 
Grange Park Fisheries 65 miles Rolling Grange Park Fisheries
Humber Bridge  106 miles Flattish Humber Bridge 

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