Blue ride to - erm - wait and see.


A nice cold morning saw us meeting at the Cricket Club or to be more precise it had been a nice cold morning, it was starting to rain and we sat in the boys changing room until all the seats were filled and then went out to find bikes. At this stage I should mention that there were ladies present and it was raining.


We separated into Red, Purple and Blue rides and dithered until unusually the Blue Ride now comprising 6 riders set off first through the gates and the rain stopped. We were : Paul Bacon (forgetful ride leader), Matthew Lowe, Owen Thomas, Andrew Rex, Kevin Thomas, Martin Crapper and headed out uneventfully until overtaken by the Red riders as we reached Harworth. Rising up towards the Harworth industrial estate our ride leader (now facetious ride leader) suggested we slowed down rather than overtake the red group - wasn’t ever going to happen but it lifted the spirits.


The advertised airport café stop didn’t quite make it from Paul’s computer to his mind or Garmin so improvisation was required. He had already discovered two café stops in Everton and though we might instead head that way. So we went along to Blyth, Barnby moor before reaching the A620 Retford/Ranby road and turning north again to Sutton, Mattersey and the Everton. We were a very tidy group, well behaved (ie 2 abreast and not on the white line) and riding at the advertised pace (or thereabouts).


In Everton we turned left and sharp left again into the Café. The Yurt is interesting but not to be recommended for  large group or tall rider (the door coming up to my shoulders). Table service with a good selection of cooked “stuff” and cakes. The drinks and food all came together so no one was left waiting whilst others were finished. Well heated and background music. An interesting experience all round.


Back on the bikes and returning to Matttersey, we turned right towards “home”. It was noticeable the whole ride how few cars there were and we found it easy  riding. Well, no rain or wind helped as well!


The ride back through the lakes on Mattersey road (which you can’r see) and through Serlby went quickly and before we knew it we were back in Tickhill. A very enjoyable and uneventful ride. Thanks everybody.