Blue ride to ....... Leger Lakes

Riders were Matthew Lowe, Peter Hanks, Rob Stevenson, Mick Lee and Martin Crapper. I have to remember to be really nice to Mick for the next week or two (till he has forgotten) and especially not to mention anything mean or naughty, not that at the moment I can think of anything!

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Blue ride to Epworth and Lemon Tree Café

There was a sprinkling of riders in the changing rooms (keeping warm) at 8.55 and they all seemed to be red ride potential! Fortunately another three trickled in to make us into a four strong blue ride. Stop counting it will become clear!

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Red Ride to Wards of Troway

Original planned to take the Hard way, ended up using the Easy way although you'd never know it!

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Blue ride to Netherthorpe airfield and café

The weather forecast was not good and it started showing signs of being correct before we set off! The hardy few, standing outside, were keen to let those of us sitting in the changing room know that it was raining. But we didn’t care (yet!). A little light drizzle never hurt anyone (before).

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Leger Lakes Leg Loosener

Can I begin with a health warning please? If you name begins with “A” and you are fortunate enough to be the chief carer for an aspiring but failing sassenach cyclist can you firstly give him his trouser clips, put him on he is bike and make him get more practice (please) and secondly read no more, in fact delete this report and go back to proper intellectual pursuits.

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