Blue ride to CLumber Park

Having a cuppa with Beryl in Clumber

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Blue Ride to TIA café

There were mixed feelings about the prospects , weather-wise, for the ride but we assembled in sunshine and were optimistic as always. A fair collection of Blue and Red riders eventually spit into two leaving 12 In the blue group further divided into two groups. Arithmetic not being essential the first group out of the gate numbered 7 leaving roughly 5 in the second group!

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Blue Ride to Leger Lakes

This was the Scarborough Charity ride weekend but no Red ride had been announced so the anticipation had been for either a lot or a few to turn up. As it turned out we were a nice round dozen. The weather was in our favour, bright and sunny (ish) and there were few bare arms.

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Blue ride t Potteric Carr

A nice sunny start to the day saw us sitting about outside for a change at the cricket club with lots of chatter about the previous days Flat 100 and the impressive finishers. Red and Blue riders were growing in number and after the red group left to go to Askern Lakes we, the Blue ride, were 14.

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