Blue ride to Lemon Tree

Oh you should have come, we had a great time!

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Blue ride to Lets Ride in Sheffield

A nice warmish day for a ride and with so few Blue riders it was obviously going to be a bit further than usual. But, Red riders out of the way, we set off full of expectations and at a leisurely pace. Apy Hill Lane is not steep but may have been the most taxing slope on the days ride! We were hardly warmed up before we got to it but we were not to know that Matt was going to swap ‘hills’ for ‘interest’.

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Blue ride to Arrow Farm Cafe

Yes there was sixteen of us... some folks are just plain camera shy! Competition... no prizes... who's the hidden rider?

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Blue ride to Kiwi Café, Retford

There were 16, intending to take the Blue Ride, in the car park which we deemed should make 2 groups of 8 (Sunday remember - no adding up on fingers) and we set off intending to ride as two groups, and it worked well, through Harworth and Serlby right up to the point where Paul B had to squat on the pavement and play with his little bag of white powder. It didn’t take long so missed the exciting bit as it took time to get the camera out!

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Blue ride to CLumber Park

Having a cuppa with Beryl in Clumber

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