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Red Ride to The Old Butchers Fishlake

We visited this top cafe in July, it was going to be a chillier affair today

Sunday Blue Ride - 25th November

A nice cold morning saw us meeting at the Cricket Club or to be more precise it had been a nice cold morning, it was starting to rain and we sat in the boys changing room until all the seats were filled and then went out to find bikes. At this stage I should mention that there were ladies present and it was raining.

Red Ride to Ten Green Bottles Retford - Or Perhaps not

The plan was a steady ride to Ten Green Bottles on Adrian's 3-miles to Retford route, so called as it seems we were always just 3-miles to Retford. Tha was the plan but sometimes things don't work out!

Blue Ride to the 10 Green Bottles in Retford

Weather reports were mixed but despite forecast of rain being less than 6% it rained! The Blue, Purple and Red riders mingled before splitting up into whichever group took their fancy and left with gaps to give separation on the roads, although I think we each (group) went separate ways.

Blue Ride to Retford

I didn’t think the forecast was too good but things started cold and got better as we gathered at the Cricket Club. The destination was set and the route hastily worked out on the tarmac and explained to the riders. For some of us the joy of cycling is often diminished by knowing how we get there. Ok I admit I often don’t remember what was said anyway!

9:30 ride to Tia Cafe

Sun and smiles after being fed and watered.

Blue Ride To Epworth

We all met - yes “all” at the cricket club at 9am. The Red ride to be led by a man who took off his red jacket before leading out; the returning 7am ride (do they have a colour?); the blue ride to be led by a man in orange ( more soon) and a purple ride to be led by a man in TVC regalia. Quite a gathering and probably a big improvement on what went before.

1st Purple Ride Report - 9:00

1st Purple Ride Report. Ollie (pre-chilled on the 7am ride), Owen, Nick, Mick and I formed the inaugural group.

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