Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

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We welcome non members to attend a few rides before deciding if they would like to join our club. Details of club rides can be found here.

Our current joining fee is £20. And that includes a great range of discounts, plus the opportunity to ride with a very friendly bunch of cyclists. Find out more here.

Club rides start and finish at the Tickhill Cricket Club every Sunday morning, we have 3 rides to choose from and the pace varies on each. Changing room and toilet facilities are availble at the Cricket club.

You can find out more about our rides here.

We are a mixed bunch with both male and female riders and believe that we’re a fun loving and a sociable, non-competitive club. You can easily sit at coffee or lunch and make friends with anyone on our rides.

All our rides have a Leader and a Back Marker so no one is left behind. The Ride Leader will have a chat before the ride to ensure you’re comfortable riding in a group, the group will stop to assist in the event of a puncture or mechanical etc.

We break up into groups of differing abilities, this ensures that there will always be a group that will ride at a speed and distance that you feel comfortable with.

Club kit is available to order here. We use a company called Bioracer who produce a complete range of superb quality clothing that are custom designed with Tickhill Velo colours.

A few essential items to take with you on a ride are:

Spare inner tubes
We have all felt the pain of repairing a puncture on the side of the road with patches and glue so take a spare tube or two with you and just swap the whole thing.

Tyre levers
To remove the tyre in the event of a puncture.

Bike pump or gas canister

It is always a good to have a small tool kit handy just in case of any unexpected mechanical issues.

A rain cape
A good extra item of clothing to take and the British weather is always unpredictable.

A charged mobile phone
An absolute must as it can be used to call help if you have issues miles from home or in the event of an emergency.

A few quid in cash
For emergencies and of course coffee and cake.

Yes, spills and falls can happen to even the most experienced riders so we do ask that a recognised cycling helmet is worn during club rides.

"I was a keen Mountain Cyclist but following a serious accident while out on my own, I decided to join my local road cycling club. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them and was a bit nervous to ride with a group, However, I was really well looked after by the other club members."

Adrian Shores

"I love cycling and when my friend told me about Tickhill Velo cycling club of which she is a member, I went along to find out what it was like cycling with a group. I enjoyed it and found I got the support and encouragement from the other cyclists to improve my cycling ability and confidence."

Diana Simpson

"I’ve been a member of Tickhill Velo since it first started . What I found appealing was its commitment to being a welcoming and friendly club and that’s the way it has remained. It caters for all capabilities and organises a faster and a slower ride each weekend. We make sure no one is left behind and the ride leaders are very focussed on safety."

Stewart Oades

"Tickhill Velo was recommended by a friend as a welcoming, social, friendly, non-competitive cycling club, the additional attraction was the area around Tickhill has a lot fewer hills than where I live - bonus."

Jenny Down

"I decided to turn up, give it a go on the basis that nobody knew me and if I made a fool of myself, I just wouldn’t go back. That was four years ago. I loved it, everyone was chatty, encouraging, they waited for me, I felt welcome and included."

Helen Oades

We're' a laid back group and encourage all levels of experience. If you're unsure whether or not our rides are for you then get in touch or come along and try one of our Sunday morning café rides.

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