Tickhill Velo Cycling Club

Founded September 2012, Tickhill Velo Cycling Club offers a great club atmosphere where everyone is very welcoming and supportive of new riders.

Our core activity is the Sunday Cafe Ride and caters for all levels, you can find out more about our rides here.

Tickhill Velo Cycling Club

About us

Tickhill Velo Cycling Club are a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation registered to British Cycling. Our mission is to create a social cycling club, catering for all abilities, to pass on knowledge and to simply enjoy riding bikes with like minded people.

Our Facebook group has grown to become our main channel of communication, this is a closed group so you have to request permission to join and we welcome nice people to pass on tips, share photos, share videos and organise rides.


Our members benefit from being able to take part in organised social events, leisure rides, club runs, and more. TVC is more than just club rides, it’s a social network where you can meet other like-minded people.

As a member you will receive a membership card where you can benefit from discounts from local businesses.

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Our aims

  • To promote cycling to the people of Tickhill and surrounding areas.
  • Grow our membership and get more people riding.
  • Encourage cycling for everyone and be open to all.
  • To be a social cycling club, catering for all abilities, to pass on knowledge and to simply enjoy riding bikes with like minded people.

Charity support

Over the years TVC has taken part in events that have supported local charities.

On the annual charity ride to and from Scarborough money was raised for The Olly fund, a local boy and his family who needed help to support Olly in his battle against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). We also supported a local family from Maltby, the aim was to assist in closing a funding gap for Emma who has been seriously disabled by a rare disease called VHL.

Read about our latest ride for charityRead about our latest ride for charity

"I was a keen Mountain Cyclist but following a serious accident while out on my own, I decided to join my local road cycling club. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them and was a bit nervous to ride with a group, However, I was really well looked after by the other club members."

Adrian Shores

"I love cycling and when my friend told me about Tickhill Velo cycling club of which she is a member, I went along to find out what it was like cycling with a group. I enjoyed it and found I got the support and encouragement from the other cyclists to improve my cycling ability and confidence."

Diana Simpson

"I’ve been a member of Tickhill Velo since it first started . What I found appealing was its commitment to being a welcoming and friendly club and that’s the way it has remained. It caters for all capabilities and organises a faster and a slower ride each weekend. We make sure no one is left behind and the ride leaders are very focussed on safety."

Stewart Oades

"Tickhill Velo was recommended by a friend as a welcoming, social, friendly, non-competitive cycling club, the additional attraction was the area around Tickhill has a lot fewer hills than where I live - bonus."

Jenny Down

"I decided to turn up, give it a go on the basis that nobody knew me and if I made a fool of myself, I just wouldn’t go back. That was four years ago. I loved it, everyone was chatty, encouraging, they waited for me, I felt welcome and included."

Helen Oades

We're' a laid back group and encourage all levels of experience. If you're unsure whether or not our rides are for you then get in touch or come along and try one of our Sunday morning café rides.

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