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Blue ride to Anston

  • Date: 11 February 2024
  • By: Martin Crapper

It was one of those days again! I arrived early at the cricket club, did a lap round the village passing Martin Ba going the other way round and arrived safely - well you can’t not try to get there first! MBA was there though unlocking the doors! Within a short time I was overwhelmed by red riders. As time went on I was thinking “oh lonesome me” not realising that to give me time to get out of bed the blue ride was to set off at 10 past! Robin Heyward arrived (just as well as he was the ride leader) followed by Rob Drohan.

We gave anyone who planned on arriving another five minutes and then prepared to set off. “Where are we going?” - from Rob. Old Moor nature reserve was the plan. Robin and I were sitting there with chunky tyres and Rob not having seen the post was there with the narrowest tyres known to man and no tread!

So Butterfly farm was plan B - the scene of the notorious moth murder. We set off and it didn’t take long for my cycling layoff to show itself. I was behind by the Buttercross! And it continued that way all day (well technically it was only the morning). Since Robin was the ride leader we shouted at him every time we got to a point where a route decision was needed! He got the hang of it eventually.

We went slowly up Malpass Hill, a bit faster on the flat bit and really slow at the Oldcotes lights - the lights were red and Robin need telling!

We took the next right and I caught up when the other two waited at the leys lane turning to Dinnington and when I’d got my breath back we opted to go a slightly longer way via Thospham.

I had not been out for any kind of exercise for a while and spent that time mainly sitting down. Covid didn’t help So all my excuses are out there now!

We carried on gasping and chatting along into Dinnington and through it to Anston before turning left on Woodsetts Road. Before long we were at the café and having ordered were sitting inside next to the window. Latte and millionaires shortbread kind of sorted me out and we headed off. As we were unlocking the bikes the parrot in the cage was speaking full sentences which made sense and were very clear. I stopped to look and eventually worked out that the small

Lady with a high pitched voice at the far side was the one talking. We had a bit of a laugh and her husband took a photo for us.

On our way and heading for home. The sun was out and it seemed easier, they were not leaving me as easily. We went into Woodsetts and then on to Gildingwells and Letwell. As we turned right on Lamb Lane Rob decided he was going to go passed the end of Kidd Lane and go straight home. Robin and I were going to wizz down the hill but had to slow down, yes even me, to pass two ponies and riders. We made up for it after passing them. From then on it was easy going apart from Thornbury Hill Lane which was very wet and muddy.

Robin did some more waiting as I tired but we kept on together. Robin opted to cycle home rather than go to the cricket club (where his car was) so he could get more miles in. And it was probably an excuse when he got home to get his wife to take him out for tea in Tickhill later!

Blue ride to Anston