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Blue ride to Creswell Crags visitor centre

  • Date: 25 February 2024
  • By: Martin Crapper

Riders were: Michelle Greco, Tricia Krill, Kevin Thomas, Robin Heyward and me, Martin Crapper. Five of us! And that was three more than I expected with the temperature hovering just above zero. But I hadn’t seen any frost so - well it should be ok. And there was a Red ride and a strange assumption that they might know best.

So we set off and went right on Sunderland Street, “they” went left. But it only seemed wet, not icy. I didn’t get far before calling a halt and putting my rain jacket on. Since we hadn’t done a hundred metres comments were made! But you can only be so hardy before frostbite kicks in! We did see ice on Lindrick Lane but not enough to worry us and that was the last we saw. As soon as we turned left onto the A60 we had the sun to warm us and without much of a breeze we were OK.

Thornbury Hill Lane was single file and even then it was hard to miss the potholes. It was fairly easy going down the other side, along into Firbeck and then up Kidd Lane. We regrouped at the top of the hill - tech talk for “we caught up”. There was more traffic on Lamb Lane but none as we turned through Letwell.

It was also easy going through Gildingwells and into Woodsetts, where we turned left along Worksop Road which becomes Woodsetts road at the other end. The lights helped at the roundabout and we made our way over then onto the footpath. Traffic on the dual carriageway was heavy and we had to make it over and onto the track in ones and twos.

As we turned right on the bend to go towards, but not to, Netherthorpe the local mtb mob overtook us whilst doing wheelies. We were not impressed!

There were no demands for a stop at the airfield café and I’m not sure anyone else knew it was there. We continued on through Thorpe Salvin and then went left towards Whitwell. After turning right there was a bit of confusion in the ranks! With the ride leader in front and going straight ahead, Robin indicated and went left. With the shouts being pretty normal on a blue ride I ignored them. Robin apparently caught us up, well he was there so he must have.

We followed the road into Creswell and turned left on our final leg to the café. It was warm enough to sit outside and I took my rain jacket off.

Setting off back I found it very cold and within a quarter of a mile I called a halt! A rain jacket putting on halt! More and stronger comment accompanied by giggling could be heard!

We carried on, I’m immune to some things, I think. The route took us along Mansfield road into Worksop with the last section leading to the big new roundabout in Worksop being a really good, smooth and fast ride. We crossed into the town and worked our way through expecting to go along Carlton Road. It was blocked off - even to bikes!

It didn’t take us long to arrange our own little diversion and we rejoined the route in time to turn right at the college and head towards the hospital and Blyth Road.

The road was busy, busier than we were happy with so we did another diversion and turned down Cossley Hill Lane; a bit rough to big in with but then a lovely smooth downhill to rejoin Tinkers Hill and the road into Carlton.

From there all went well until Michelle decided to go all out towards Malpass Hill. We all followed of course and got spread out as the weight of bikes got the better of (some of) us.

In Tickhill Kevin and Robin left us at the Butter Cross to go home. The two girls/ladies and I got back to the Cricket club.

I thought they should be banned from Blue rides on the grounds of adverse zipping comments but they countered with they might do buttons next week and maybe laces after.

Educations a good thing, right? So join us next week to find out.

Blue ride to Creswell Crags visitor centre