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Blue ride to Epworth (Lemon Tree Café)

  • Date: 16 August 2020
  • By: Martin Crapper

Riders: Martin Crapper, Kevin Thomas, Paul Russell

A drizzly kind of morning greeted us and as the morning moved on we struggled to make up a group of 6 but we eventually made 3 for the Blue ride and 4 for the Red ride and with rain jackets on we went our separate ways Blues towards the rising sun (east towards Epworth not south east towards japan - my legs are probably not that good!).

It was to be a single file ride for a lot of the way. Traffic was heavy and combined with drizzle being in single file felt safer it was also to be uneventful, Kevin failed to fall off, I didn’t have a puncture and there were no hills to slow Paul down. I think he’s getting much better at them anyway. what little wind was in our faces.

We headed to Bawtry, Austerfield, Finningley and Wroot and somewhere along the way the rain stopped. Or appeared to stop. Water still dripped off our helmets and we tried to pretend it was sweat. We were drying out anyway and enjoying ourselves. From Wroot we cycled through to Idle Bank and were in Epworth only a blink later.

Having parked up inside the store we walked through to the café where we met Peter Wilby who seemed cheerful enough but not walking too well. After a brief chat we ordered drinks and buns and sat whilst putting the world to rights.

Corvid rules seem clear on the government website but interpretation varies considerably! Previous weeks café rules asked us to clear our own crockery, Lemon Tree rules said to leave everything on the table. Obviously official rules couldn’t be clearer!

Back on our bikes with rain jackets on (although not raining now) we set off to Low Burnham and along to Haxey and Westwoodside with the wind behind us. We passed Pete Hanks Road end and gave the ducks on the pond plenty of clearance before turning left along Park Lane and rejoining the Doncaster Road with the wind behind us - a first I think, this is a road where the wind is always slowing you down.

The Journey through to Austerfield was, for me, the best bit - wind assisted all the way! We paused at the junction with e A614 to split up - Paul back to Rossington and the rest of us (!) on to Tickhill. Kevin in front thought to finish me off with a bit of speed but we made it together separating at the motorway bridge, me for home about 100 yards, Kevin for home 7 miles a fair result i thought.

I got home and showered just before the heavy rain started, Paul probably made it in time, not sure about Kevin.

We forgot the obligatory photo so if either of you want to do it again ………..

It had been a good uneventful ride but I’m looking forward to a full house next week - that’s one or more groups off 6!

Blue ride to Epworth (Lemon Tree Café)