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Blue ride to Moss

  • Date: 28 January 2024
  • By: Martin Crapper

It was a day to sit in the changing rooms whilst everybody who’s anybody arrived. And eventually they came. Mainly for the red ride but then Kevin Thomas arrived and just before we were to set off Graham Vargo turned up. We got on our bikes ready to set off but let the red ride off first which was just as well because the Michelle Greco arrive to make us up into a nice even group. Robin Heyward had arranged to meet en-route somewhere.

It was definitely a rain jacket (for the cold) kind of day and one for the heated gloves although Kevin wasn’t sharing! Oh, and Michelle had forgotten her sun glasses. We headed east and then along Stripe road towards Rossington and having just about reached it it seemed appropriate to me to check my phone to work out where Robins was to meet us. It was fine of those days (for me) when I couldn’t see how to get to that place - even though it was on our route! And so was Armthorpe even though I had told Michelle who wanted to pick up her glasses that it wasn’t! Oh Martin you were in a bit or a tizzy!

We continued on to Warning Tongue Lane and Cantley finding Robin loitering where he said and carried on towards Armthorpe. By this time Michelle had abandoned the idea of picking up her glasses, which as it turned out was good for me. The rate of new house building being what it is the journey seems shorter those long exposed roads before you get opposite Edenthorpe have gone - drowned in new houses! But before long we were over the railway bridge and into Barnby Dun and with the wind behind us we were soon at the café.

Like a rat out of a trap I was in, upstairs and ordering at the counter. Four of us claimed a big table to find Michelle there saying she had been chatting to staff downstairs and they had given her a pair of sunglasses from their lost property. Yes after a year in their box my sunglasses reappeared! I know you would like a photo of each appearance! I took the opportunity to advertise the AGM and some may go/come.

We set off back with the wind in our faces, but nothing like as strong as we’ve been getting used to. We headed off towards Fishlake but cut the corner and went straight into Stainforth. Somewhere along here we realised that Graham had transformed into a speedy G (not to be confuse with Ali G) and was having no problems keeping up. Michelle on the other hand was finding it a bit difficult and admitted to not feeling 100%. We went on through Stainforth to Hatfield and over the bridge before turning To Hatfield Woodhouse along the road with the most off-putting name - Cemetery Road!

At the junction in Woodhouse I indicated the entrance to the village Hall (for accuracy its called Hatfield Woodhouse village hall and old folks centre) I don’t think this will produce any entrants for the TT but we may get volunteers! Part way down the course we pulled into an entrance for a break and chat. Michelle had decided to take it easy and leave us at the magic roundabout leaving the four of us to carry on - except Graham decided to go that way when he realised where it was in relation to his home.

So down to three we single filed behind Kevin as we felt he had been at the back long enough! Oh and he did break the wind a bit! He also set a good pace perhaps several mph faster than Robin and I would have gone for! But at least it got us motivated and we sailed through Austerfield and Bawtry, admittedly slowing as we went up the slope towards Tickhill. And They took me home! Thanks guys.

Blue ride to Moss