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Blue ride to Sandtoft

  • Date: 21 April 2024
  • By: Martin Crapper

The riders were Diana Simpson, Leslie Sharp, Christina Cooper, Nick Kay, Graham Varga, John Knot, Michael Bulleyment, Denise Motley, Mark Motley, Rob drohan, Rob Crofts, Kevin Thomas, Peter Hanks, and Michelle Greco who I put last because she failed to sign the register!

It was difficult to know what to do with so many riders, but we tried admittedly little successfully to split into two groups and set off towards the traffic lights! It must have been the combination of lights (traffic and sun) which brought them all out.

All went well up to the lights! Group 2 didn’t appear, we waited and waited and then nominated Christina to wait even more in order to show them the way. She caught us up at the magic roundabout - alone.

We gave them another 15 minutes and then went on. Not seeing them till the Happy Café at Sandtoft. Out route took us through Wroot and on to Idle bank. We were not to know until the café that traffic lights and a puncture were the cause of the delay. We all went left on Idle bank apart from Pete who went right and to home.

The café was already crowded, we filled up the spaces. There were enough of us to fill 3 tables and to drown out plane noises with voices! But we had to leave eventually and set off back through Belton, Epworth and Low Burnham before dropping Nick off at his front door in Haley. In Westwoodside we said goodbye to Rob D and waved in the direction of John’s house (he had to go back to pick up his car).

The rest of us watched John and both the Robs stretching their legs and leaving us behind. We went on to mission and Bawtry and got back to the cricket club on time to chat with those of the Red riders who were still there.

Just realised Rob C also failed to sign in! Remember it’s me of little memory!

Blue ride to Sandtoft