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Blue ride to Thornbury Animal Centre

  • Date: 17 March 2024
  • By: Martin Crapper

It was raining! Didn’t matter of course just helps lubrication of the legs! I wasn’t digressing already, Tricia Krill arrived early and in a moment of insanity had snapped up a cycling (?) version of Chapps - those things cowboys where to keep their legs dry. So although she didn’t know how to put them on they were going to keep her legs dry! She had only just got them in place before deciding she needed the loo. So I headed for the boys room, where the alarm is set, to discover that the lock had been changed! Gambling that the alarm was off I let Tricia into the ladies room. She came out all sorted and no alarm!

Robin Heyward arrived without any drama and after waiting for 9am and any late arrivals (none) we set off. I had decided to follow my wahoo but unfortunately I had two routes loaded to get us to the café and neither seemed the one in my head. So after half a mile I turned routing off and followed the map in my head. Except Robin kept saying “this way” or “that way” and it ended up being interesting, different and OK.

We headed out of Tickhill going round the houses till we found Apy Hill Lane following that to the quarry and then towards Braithwell and then Micklebring. No set arrangement as we went - in front, behind, in twos etc but with plenty to chat about - OK the rain was a large part of discussion. From Micklebring we went on through the Hellaby industrial estate and to the main road.

There wasn’t much traffic so we stuck to the road turned right then left and on towards Thurcroft at which point brain took over. We went left at the first roundabout and on to Brookhouse. I threatened Bib Lane but we settled for Brookhouse Lane.

Half way up and a flat bit but no sign of Tricia! Her front mech needed a quick kick and she was away. We continued up regrouping by the church before heading off. After a bit of confusion, we went down the wrong road but rejoined the planned route after a few hundred metres. I wanted to say yards but that would have given my age as away!

In Laughton common we went right although brain was saying “no” and we did a nice little loop before returning to the junction and went straight over instead of turning right. We weren’t lost really - that involves some concept of “where am I”.

It didn’t take long to get to the café- we ere there at 7 minutes to 11. The sign on the gate said open at 11! We tethered our bikes to a lamp post and still before 11 went in to find the place full of customers eating and drinking.

We ate and drank and dried out a bit before setting off again. We headed towards Woodsetts passing the butterfly farm where in a momentary lapse I announced “no Michelle we can’t stop for another coffee” or words to that effect. She didn’t hear of course - she was miles away!

We went on through Gildingwells, Letwell and Firbeck before turning up Thornbury Hill Lane with all its water, gravel and potholes. It’s one of those roads you know is never going to get resurfaced. At least as we raced down Malpass Hill the surface water was going the same way as us!

We made it back to Tickhill safely said our goodbyes and went in different directions. A good ride; hopefully many more to come.

Blue ride to Thornbury Animal Centre