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Blue ride to Wentworth Tea Rooms

  • Date: 18 October 2023
  • By: Nicolas Kay

Not having a photographic memory (and only just remembering to take a photograph) I’ll keep this (necessarily) short.

3 riders turned up for the Blue Ride:

  • 1 was the ride leader
  • 1 came along as “the Blue Ride was doing more hills than the Red Ride wimps” (I think that was what was said, but it might that I just misheard)
  • 1 came along for the company

We set off from the club – even managing to make the correct turn out of the club for once.

The “out” section of the ride was pretty uneventful.

  • It was nice to see member(s) of the group “waving” at the multitude of car drivers that wanted to join the group
  • Arriving at Wentworth there was a cry of “that’s Paul Bacon” and lo and behold it was
  • A few minutes later we arrived at the Tea Room with Paul following on a somewhat larger bike that required a full helmet and leathers
  • I’d love to say that Paul had joined us for the sparkling conversation, but evidently, he’d never been to the Tea Rooms before and wanted to see what they were like

Some small amount of disquiet among the ranks as it was discovered that the Tea Rooms were literally that - Tea Rooms” and didn’t serve any of that “fancy coffee”. However, the cakes went down well with the Filter Coffee (not Americano), Pot of Tea and Hot Chocolate

The “return” section of the ride was more eventful with the ride leader (on 3 occasions) demonstrating how to have his chain come off the Granny Ring

  • Evidently it wouldn’t have happened if I’d been capable of ascending hills in a more manly gear
  • Fault turned out have been the bike mechanic who’d serviced my bike while I was away but had neglected to re-adjust the limit screw
  • Not to be outdone, Diane decided that she also needed to make her chain come off

We all returned safely to the club and all rode home (as we’d ridden in)

Blue ride to Wentworth Tea Rooms