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Glapwell Garden Centre

  • Date: 12 February 2023
  • By: Jenny Down

Red Ride – Glapwell Garden Centre 12.2.23 

Fast bubble: Pete Down, Gary Durham, Jon Brough, Paul Ferguson, Dave Lee, Mick Cleghorn, John Palmer, Graham Fletcher-Adams, Andy Harington

Comfort bubble: Jenny Down, Mike Sales, Mick Abbiss, Lawrence Buckley, half a ride Martin Bagshaw

As we gathered at the Cricket club it was obvious the fast bubble significantly outnumbered the comfort bubble. We all set off together, with the fast bubble quickly disappearing up the road towards Oldcotes. The comfort bubble turned right on techno tube where Jon Palmer put his foot down and managed to join the fast bubble before the turn for Firbeck. At Letwell we were met by Road Closed sign and a works van parked across the road, after asking nicely we were let through. Unlike the fast bubble, who just rode through at speed before the workmen noticed.

We met Martin at North Anston after he made ‘manflu’ excuses on FB the previous evening and wasn’t sure how far he’d get on this lumpy ride. With everyone in attendance we resumed towards Harthill and Barlborough. We turned left in Staveley and headed toward Poolsbrook before climbing into Sutton in Scarsdale. Another left turn saw us on a lovely undulating country road before the hill Martin had promised – the Bolsover and District CC Hill Climb! Mike set off whistling and managed a PR with Martin (I’ve got Manflu) Bagshaw following in hot pursuit. The comfort bubble stopped for a moment and photo at the top. Meanwhile in the the fast bubble….Gary had sprinted to the top of the hill and was taking photos of the fast bubble efforts.

We arrived at the newly refurbished and extended Glapwell Garden Centre and was met by a lovely lady who showed us where to park our bikes. The fast bubble fed and watered and were almost ready for the return leg. Martin opted for his traditional cream scone and Lawrence, having just missed the breakfast slot, had to make do with a long wait for a panini. Well it was truly worth the wait – stacks of ham and melted cheese, salad and chips! Mr Bagshaw did help him out with the chips. It felt much colder when we set off on the return leg - Lorenzo Panini set off at great pace towards Bolsover with us all muttering we were going to have the panini next time…Back through Clowne and Bondhay where we bid farewell to ‘half a ride’ Martin (I’ve got Manflu) Bagshaw and headed home via Shireoaks and Carlton in Lindrick. Meanwhile on the fast bubble…. In an attempt to avoid the 3-way lights in Carlton they decided to go back through Woodsetts. However the road at Letwell was still closed and they weren’t allowing anyone through, not even cyclists, maybe we upset them on the way out. So plan B, back towards Carlton and a wait at the lights. The return from Carlton was lead out to Tickhill by Gary who was keen to get back for the football and rugby so decided to set a pace the Black ride would have been happy with.

Kudos to Martin for turning out having dosed up on Lemsip and Beechams powders (other cold and flu remedies are available)

Kudos to cheese and ham panini for giving Lorenzo fast bubble legs on the return journey