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Poetry in motion

  • Date: 06 December 2020
  • By: Gary Durham

Riders: Jon Brough and Gary Durham

At the end of the lockdown it’s time for a ride
For TVC members to gather outside
For zwifters & softies to regain some pride
It’s time to get on our bikes

Only 4 turned out in the drizzle & cold
2 red & 2 blue but all of us bold
Deserving of medals of silver or gold
For riding outside on our bikes

Red riders set off that’s me & Jon Brough
The tough get going when the going gets tough
After 40 miles we’d both had enough
Of being cold on our bikes

For extra warmth I wore Christmas stockings
A willy warmer to shove my cold cock in

The zwifters amongst you are probably mocking
But I like to keep warm on my bike

My legs in my stockings looked shapely & thinish
Especially when our cycling had finished

The size of my balls had somewhat diminished
After 40 miles on my bike