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Red Ride to Iron Horse

  • Date: 23 June 2024
  • By: Jenny Down

Red Ride to Iron Horse

Fast Bubble: Dan Brewster, Gary Durham, Graham Fletcher-Adams, Jon Brough, Jon Palmer, Paul Ferguson, Dean O’Sullivan, Mick Cleghorn, Jon Palmer and a visiting Australian rider, Phil Scotson, in training for the upcoming World Championships.

Comfort Bubble: Pete Down, Martin Bagshaw, Rob Crofts, Mike Faulkner, Mick Abbiss, Dave Bradley, Jenny Down, Karl Davies.

With no rain forecast, sun shining, and sunscreen applied the turnout of riders at TVC HQ was impressive with Blue & Red riders chatting about the upcoming routes & café stops.

The planned Red ride was to Iron Horse, but going a slightly different way, not crossing over the A1 on the footbridge as usual. Courtesy of Diane it was going to be new turf to most of us and we love new roads. New member Mike decided to tag along with the comfort bubble while Phil, our Australian visitor decided the fast bubble were more up his street. We rolled out at 9am, on time for a changed, and headed up Apy Lane by the conventional route avoiding the roadworks on the main street. At some point during the climb Karl’s jumping gears proved a concern so he peeled off for a shortcut home. The fast bubble soon pulled away, doing what they do best, disappearing up the road taking Rob with them. The same Rob who was recovering from a recently broken foot and was looking ease himself back into things

The climb up to five lane ends was rewarded as usual with a sweeping descent through Edlington and on towards Sprotborough Falls where we saw Graham repairing a puncture with Gary & Jon coming back up the hill to the rescue. We offered words of encouragement as we rode past confident it wouldn’t be long before they caught us up! We found the remaining fast bubble at the top of Sprotbrough waiting for their stricken comrade. It turns out Graham’s puncture resulted in a fall taking Paul F off as well, but he was ok and his bike was ok as well. In the best tradition of the Hare & Tortoise the comfort bubble plodded on after gaining a few riders, Dean, Rob and Mick but found we had lost another rider as Pete had turn back.

We turned left just after the A1 and began the steady climb towards Brodsworth and Hooton Pagnell where we regrouped before descending again to pick up Diane’s route through to Skelbrooke, Wrangbrook, Barnsdale Bar and into Campsall. The thought of refreshments had obviously got everyone excited and with Dean & Rob on the front the pace picked up through Askern to the Iron Horse.

The fast bubble were already in the café when we arrived. Dean and Jon Palmer decided to ride through and not have a stop. There are somethings guaranteed to start a heated debate over coffee, politics, religion and tubeless tyres. New convert Martin was trying in vain to convert Mick who only has inner tubes, rim brakes on his road bikes and thinks gravel & mountain bikes are a passing fad. Suffice to say the two agreed to disagree.

We had a quick selfie of the remaining comfort bubble riders before setting off back home towards Stainforth and Hatfield. We had a bit of fun in Sainforth when a local urchin joined us for a while on his little brother’s bike with a wheelchair wheel on the back and a wheelbarrow wheel on the front but he soon dropped off when he realised no one would take a turn on the front. From Hatfield to Blaxton, along the TT route, Jenny lead the way for the first couple of miles but the headwind was troublesome so ever the gentleman Rob came took a turn on the front for a couple of miles and the pair swapped and changed for the remaining miles while the rest of us shamelessly drafted behind them

At Blaxton we turned right and followed the route back through Rossington and into Tickhill with new member Mike taking some substantial turns on the front.

Chapeau to all for a cracking ride, including Diane for the alternative route suggestion!

Jenny & Martin

Red Ride to Iron Horse