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Red ride to Katies Café at Hollingworth

  • Date: 09 July 2023
  • By: Jenny Down

Fast Bubble: Peter Down, John Palmer, Jon Brough

Comfort Bubble: Martin Bagshaw, Karen Cleminson, Rob Stevenson, Mick Abbiss, Jenny Down

The Blue ride wished us a good ride and bade us farewell as they set off for Netherthorpe Airfield. The eight Red riders set off from the Cricket Club knowing it was going to be a hilly ride, but in good spirits. Pete said he was having a steady ride (he did a 10 mile TT on Saturday) but it wasn’t long before he, John and Jon disappeared from view. After leading the small group up Malpass, Pete was unceremoniously dropped on the remaining hills. John and Jon were kind enough to take their feet off the gas to allow him to catch up once on the flat.

Mr Bagshaw had obviously had his 3 shredded wheat for breakfast that morning and led the comfort bubble up Malpass and Kidd Lane. As we approached Kiveton station, Karen kept quiet about trains (she has an unnerving ability to summon trains as we approach level crossings) on this occasion we didn’t have to stop and wait.

We rode through Harthill, Barlborough, into Staveley and through to Hollingwood Lock for refreshments at Katys Café (formally Nonnas). Poor gearing was the topic of conversation at the café, poorly indexed gears (Mick) and ‘bag of sh*te gears’ (Rob). After an appropriate level of moaning we set off as 1 group (but not for long), at Duckmanton the fast bubble did their thing with the promise of a regroup at the top of Bolsover Hill.

The fast group made their way up Bolsover hill with John dropping both Pete and Jon at the start of the hill. To the surprise of the fast bubble and some of the comfort bubble, a gentleman wearing a hoodie (it was mid 20 degrees and very humid) cycled passed on a fat wheeled electric bike. After we had caught our breath at the top of the hill we hoped his battery manged to get him home safely (the conversation went something like that).

The regroup didn’t last long with John leading out along the back road from Bolsover to Clowne and another regroup before Jenny and Pete departed for home. The rest of the ride back is a mystery to myself but I’m assured everyone made it back safe to Tickhill, with both Karen and Mick doing extra loops before returning home.

Chapeau to Karen for ticking off Bolsover Hill

Kudos to Mick and Rob for managing with less than perfect gears

Special mention to shredded wheat (other breakfast cereals are available) for powering Martin!