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Ride to The Lemon Tree Tea Room

  • Date: 20 May 2018
  • By: Martin Crapper

Riders; Paul Russell; Owen Thomas; Pete Hanks; Christina Cooper; Ellie Thomas; Matthew Lowe; Helen Hand; Hilary Thompson; Chris Higgins; Stuart Oades; Mark Motley; Denise Motley; Noreen Dunnett; David Orridge; Ben Woolley; Nick Kay; Martin Crapper and Paul Bacon.

A lovely sunny morning was enjoyed as we gathered for the start of this 35 mile flatish ride.  An enthusiastic group of 8 riders were sent off as the ‘reccy’ group and the rest of us duly followed, perfectly formed into a 5 x 2 group.  It was a well ridden route of Stripe Road and Littleworth Lane.  A short run on the A638 didn’t disrupt our flow too much and we re-assembled on Hurst Lane.  It was a most pleasant surprise to see our ‘reccy’ group heading towards Blaxton having apparently come from Branton.  Should we chase them?  Not on your nelly!  We maintained our decorum and continued after them.

A brief run on Bank End road and then up through Wroot and onto Poles Bank.  The sun was shining, there was little breeze and conversations flowed (I’m not sure what about this week, but I could hear people chattering away!)  A short run on Idle Bank and then a right onto Wroot Road (I thought we’d been through Wroot already...)

There was then a ‘Paul’ stop on Turbary Road.  A very kind lady in a 4x4 told us that it was a dead end.  We thanked her but told her this was part of the ride..competition time.  A free coffee for anyone who could explain a turbary.  No-one could so explanation was given, no prizes awarded and we rode into Epworth.

Bikes safely stowed as per usual and we queued for our mid morning snacks.  The outside area is a real improvement and we thoroughly enjoyed our refreshments.

Leaving was a different matter this week as Christina was unsure whether to fix her slow puncture or ‘phone for a lift. She was convinced by those around to fix it, so, a group set off for home while some helped to fix and others... encouraged.  That’s it, they encouraged.  Thanks to Nick and Owen for their help and we were on our way again, albeit the infamous scenic route home.

It was all going well when, upon leaving Owston Ferry, a familiar voice was heard to be shouting “Right, right.”  So we all went right.  A little confusion followed because this road was leading us back to Haxey, so, at the next possible opportunity we turned left and shouted our farewells to Nick.  These were wonderfully quiet roads and very enjoyable in the mid-day sunshine.  Miles ticked by and we soon found ourselves going through the villages of West Stockwith and Misterton.  Before we knew it we were preparing for Gringley hill.  Those on a tight timetable left us to go back on the main road and we duly rode down into Clayworth, passing Gainsborough Aegir riders making their way up the hill to the dual carriageway. 

We stopped in Clayworth  and our more resourceful members then found water (and other facilities) in the Church.  All topped up we took the usual route back to Tickhill via Serlby and Harworth.