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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

  • Posted: 24 June 2020

Updated 16/07/2020

A virtual Committee meeting was held on Monday 13th July 2020 and after sorting out a few points I am pleased to advise that we will be recommencing Black, Blue & Red club rides starting Sunday 19th July.

This is following a change in Government and British Cycling guidance, which we are obliged to follow, so there will be a few changes until further notice. For the time being attendance is restricted to members only and the maximum group size is limited to 6 riders although BC advice is that you should only ride in a group of 6 if you are sure it is safe to do so – remember this is a personal choice.

In the event of more than 6 members wanting to ride we will split into groups of 6 or less and stagger departure times to ensure separation on the road. While this is being carried out you should maintain social distancing at the Cricket Club and only use the toilets on a one in one out basis. Use of the changing rooms won’t be allowed.

During the ride members will be responsible for observing Government recommendations on social distancing which we interpret as 1m+ while riding two up and 2m+ between trailing riders. As always if road conditions do not allow two up riding safely the group will single out.

BC further state that third party liability insurance, legal support / advice usually provided to members and clubs remains in place but will be invalidated if Government advice is willfully contravened.

In order to comply with Track & Trace protocol we require that you complete a sign on sheet before the ride which contains the points mentioned above but by signing you also confirm:

  • You are not currently feeling unwell or displaying Covid-19 symptoms.
  • No one you have contact with has Covid-19 symptoms.
  • If you become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of the ride you will inform the club.
  • If you are in a vulnerable age category or have been advised to shield due to a medical condition, attending could contravene this advice.

These are circumstances we have not experienced as a club before, and we are depending on members to be supportive so we can get back to normal as soon as possible. These arrangements will be regularly reviewed and amended should either Government or British Cycling advice change but hopefully, fingers crossed, future changes will be positive rather than negative.

If you have any questions, please email

Martin Bagshaw
TVC Chairman