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Red Ride to Happy Café

  • Date: 03 March 2024
  • By: Jenny Down

Super crazy fast bubble: Harry Howlett, Dan Brewster, Andy Singleton, Dave Lee, Jody Williams, Graham Fletcher-Adams

Fast Bubble: Mike Sales, Jon Brough, Paul Ferguson, Jon Palmer

Not so comfortable comfort bubble: Pete Down, Jenny Down, Mick Cleghorn, Martin Bagshaw, Mick Abbiss

There was quite a gathering of riders at TVCHQ on Sunday morning with the temperature trying get above freezing and the sun threatening to peep out from behind the clouds the red rides set off.

It soon became apparent there would be 3 groups of red riders on the road this morning. The super crazy fast boys set off at pace, not to be seen again until the happy café. The fast bubble gradually pulled away and had disappeared up the road by the time we’d got to the golf course.

Through Mattersey, Drakeholes and Clayworth the comfort groups pace was kept above the advertised pace of 16mph, thanks to Pete and Mick who were pulling on the front, when we climbed up to Gringley the pace did drop slightly allowing us to regroup at the top before descending into Walkingham. We turned and headed up the Trent, by this time, the sun had changed its mind and had decided to stay in bed, consequently the mist rolled in and the temperature had dropped to a chilly 1C.

At West Butterwick we turned left and saw a fellow TVC rider in front – Peter Hanks was on his way back home after a solo ride, we exchanged pleasantries allowing everyone to catch their breath before pushing on though Beltoft then onto the Happy Café.

The Super crazy fast bubble had had their food and were sat chatting, the fast bubble had just ordered as we arrived. Jody decided to have a steadier ride back and joined the fast bubble for the return leg home.

Fuelled by tea/coffee plus cake/toasted Teacakes/bacon sandwiches we set off into the remains of the cold misty morning, heading down Idle Bank to Wroot, through Finningley, Austerfield and Bawtry back to Tickhill. We kept the pace nice and high to relive the boredom of the flat straight roads.

Leaving Bawtry the group began to beak up as we went up the hill, but was brought back together by the impromptu road works in Tickhill. By the time we got to Tickhill the sun had finally decided to grace us with its presence and we actually had shadows.

To our surprise some of the Super crazy fast bubble and fast bubble where still at TVCHQ, after a discussion about average speeds of the different groups we went our own ways for recovery rides home or to get in the car to get warm.

Super crazy fast bubble average pace – 21.2mph

Fast bubble average pace – 18.8 mph

Comfort(?) bubble pace – 17.9 mph

Kudos to everyone for fast rides!