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Red Ride to Reeds Café, Gainsborough

  • Date: 22 October 2023
  • By: Jenny Down

Fast bubble: Pete Down, Gary Durham, Jon Brough, Mike Sales, Jon Palmer, Mick Cleghorn

Comfort bubble: Jenny Down, Dean O’Sullivan, Karen Cleminson, Sheryl Cowlam, Mick Abbiss, David Bradley

The planned ride had been Humber Bridge (103 miles) but due to the ‘1 in 100 years’ rainfall event (again) on Friday/Saturday and several roads around the Humber being closed due to flooding we ended up going to Reeds Café in Gainsborough. Being a diligent ride leader Pete had checked the flood alerts before planning the route so we knew there wouldn’t be any wading/swimming involved.

Gathering at the cricket club we were joined by a new member, David Bradley, who rather nervously opted to ride with comfort bubble. Jenny had a bit of a technical malfunction starting the route on her Garmin, luckily Dean who was recovering from manflu/covid was riding with the comfort bubble and had the route downloaded. There was only one wrong turn, Jenny and Sheryl yakking away and missed the left turn even though Dean was shouting! – Sorry Dean.

The faster group set off with the plan of a steady ish ride to the café, this was not exactly what happened, the group pulled together and we ate up the miles to Westwoodside, Jon (P) informed the group he was taking it easy up the hill and he would catch us up on the way to the cafe. We decided to wait for Jon to catch up at Haxey, being cold we couldn’t wait too long before heading off again towards Reeds.

We all made it to the café, the fast bubble were sat outside in the cold just finishing their warm drinks and food (we should have rung and reserved a table inside – note for next time). Most of the comfort bubble decided on the inside warm option and tucked into cake, sandwiches and hot drinks. Then Jon Palmer came into the café – he had lost sight of fast group going up the hill and turned towards the Humber Bridge, he decided to turn around and make his own way to the café. The fast bubble set off and we gained Jon in the comfort bubble.

The fast group continued the pace towards Grindley on the hill where Gary’s enforced rest period over the previous week ensured he lead the way up the hill, where Pete dropped out the back of the group, reforming at the top before heading back to Tickhill. We expected Mick to turn off towards Rossington and home so when he pulled in the cricket club with a flat rear tyre, it was a surprise. With it repaired twice (hole in the first spare) he continued home.

The comfort bubble ride back to TVC HQ was without incident, just a slow grind up Grindley Hill, back through Drakeholes, Mattersey and Ranskill where Karen peeled off home. Dean bade us farewell at the crossroads at Serlby before the dash back to find Pete and Mike sat outside the cricket club having a cuppa and putting the world to rights!

Kudos – Jon Palmer for getting to Reeds Café

Kudos – Mick Cleghorn for his puncture repair skills

Chapeau – David Bradley for joining the comfort bubble

Cheers – Dean for shouting directions – most of which were listened to

Thanks – Mick for being our back marker

Red Ride to Reeds Café, Gainsborough