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The TVC 7am ride is back

  • Date: 13 June 2021
  • By: Andy Singleton

Yay! The TVC 7am ride is back.

Hopefully this will now become a regular ride throughout the Summer months and into the Autumn and it looks as though we have a few new members very interested in joining in the fun.

Note: this is unlike other clubs fast rides where average speed is all that counts and riders are expected to ride in tight formation at speed and capable of competent “through & off” riding. The TVC 7am ride may be our fastest weekly club ride but the aim is to help RED & BLUE riders who would like to become more proficient in these techniques.

As for this week well it was just myself and potential new member David Wain who moved to Tickhill recently and would like to get to know the people and the area better.

David rode for the Planet X team a few years ago, has ridden the Donny Chaingang (real version not ZWIFT!) which is about all of the justification that I needed to know that he would be more than capable of maintaining a 20mph pace even with just the two of us!

Indeed it was an unusually “relaxed” 7am ride as we chatted all the way around and I up-dated David on the club and how we roll.

It was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed the best temperatures of the day before things got too hot later on.

With the archway gate on the road out of Clumber still closed we have set a new 7am route (STRAVA Section : TVC 7am COVID 2021 Loop) which continues along LimeTree Avenue to the crossroads at Carburton and then right along the B6034 to Sparken Hill where we pick up the old route home via Worksop and Carlton.

The new route adds a few miles and a few nasty little rollers on a pretty chewy road surface BUT we needed to extend the old route anyway as sub 90minute times meant that we were returning a little too early to the cricket club if riders wished to jump onto the other club rides.

An incident free and very enjoyable first BLACK ride of this year for me and lovely to meet David for the first time.

Ride Summary:
56km 79m elevation

35miles 259ft elevation
Time 1:43:52 (KOM now there to be shot at!)
Average Speed 32.3kmh (20mph)